Barb Wheeler Sums Up Last (Regular) Session Week

A press release from State Rep. Barb Wheeler:

Week in Review – May 25 to May 29, 2015

House Blows Past Scheduled Adjournment – Madigan keeps session open during summer

Madigan tells legislators they will be in session until August.

Tax Reform logo on flagSunday, May 31, traditionally the final day of the spring legislative session ended on an anti-climactic tone.

After walking away from the negotiating table because of their unwillingness to discuss reforms to the budgeting and taxing process in Springfield, Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton told lawmakers they would be in session all summer.

Madigan told House members they would not receive mileage or per diem reimbursement, but the extension of session will still cost taxpayers heavily as the demands of housing lawmakers and operating the capitol will be costly. House lawmakers will be back in Springfield on Thursday, June 4 to continue working toward a budget deal that meets with constitutional requirements for a balanced budget.

Budget – Fiscal Year 2016

House, Senate Democrats introduce fake State budget.

Budget Language in ConstitutionHouse and Senate Democrats introduced a series of spending bills for FY16 (starting July 1, 2015) that spends more than $4 billion what nonpartisan revenue estimates expect the state to bring in.

Ignoring their constitutional responsibility to enact a balanced budget, the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate rammed through spending bills they readily admit they cannot pay for, while at the same time walking away from the reform negotiations Governor Rauner has called for.

Illinois is estimated to bring in $32 billion next year, and the Democrats proposed budget would spend over $36 billion.

The proposed spending is 12% higher than projected revenue and would push the state’s backlog of bills to over $10 billion, equaling 30% of our total revenue.

The Democrats budget gives false hope to those who rely on state services and is an outright lie to schools, service providers and the state’s most vulnerable.

With locked-in increases intended to cover higher costs for Medicaid expenses, pension contributions, and other mandated and constitutional responsibilities, the House Democrats’ FY16 budget calls for spending more than $36 billion.

House Republican members rejected the unconstitutional budget; calling upon the majority to change course and come back to the negotiating table so that a responsible, bipartisan budget with structural reforms can be agreed to. On party-line votes, the Democrats’ spending bills were approved by the Illinois House and Senate.

Gov. Bruce Rauner – Agenda

Rauner, House Republicans introduce Illinois Turnaround agenda.

Trunaround Budget logoKey issue areas covered by the Governor’s agenda include measures to enact or ratify term limits for elected officials, legislative map reform, a property tax freeze, tort reform, workers’ compensation reform, and municipal bankruptcy reform.

Republican Leader Jim Durkin was the lead sponsor of five Illinois Turnaround measures in the Illinois House, with tort reform filed as HB 4222, workers’ compensation reform filed as HB 4223, the property tax freeze filed as HB 4224 , term limits filed as HJRCA 39, and redistricting reform filed as HJRCA 40.

Chicago – Memorial Day violence; House Bill 1

Violence again erupts in Illinois’ largest city; drug gangs blamed.


Republican State Rep. John Anthony on a the Family PAC Cruise.

The police blotter for the three-evening Memorial Day weekend (Friday, May 22 through Monday, May 25) listed56 casualties on Chicago streets, of whom twelve were killed and 44 wounded. Victims were as young as age 4.

Typical scenes from this tally of early summer Chicago gunplay, described to reporters by witnesses and survivors, included drive-by and sidewalk shootings. Veteran police officers and other observers describe this violence pattern as characteristic of the turf operations of organized gangs.

House Republican Representatives John Anthony, John Cabello, and many colleagues in both political parties are sponsoring HB 1, a 2015 Illinois House bill to fight back against gang crime by reducing dependence by many Illinoisans on opioid painkillers. Many of the painkillers taken by Illinoisans for non-prescribed or addiction reasons are available to them from the streets of urban cities like Chicago. John Anthonyand John Cabello have relied on their experiences as a sheriff’s deputy and a police officer to help craft the anti-opioid features of HB 1. See “Drug crime,” below.

Drug crime – HB 1

House Republicans help pass bill to reduce opioid dependency.

The bill, HB 1, includes both penalty enhancements and a new commitment to education and rehabilitation. It contains numerous provisions intended to discourage and prevent patients from misusing opioid prescriptions and developing a dependence upon these dangerous drugs. Dispensing pharmacies would be forbidding from selling a vial of opioids containing more than a 10-day supply.

One key feature of the bill contains a process to make Narcan, a one-time-use opioid antagonist, available to all Illinois first responders (police, fire, EMT) for administration to persons in an opioid overdose emergency.

HB 1 contains expanded commitments to drug courts, diversion pathways for nonviolent drug offenders, mandatory drug treatment, and other pathways intended to reduce addiction and recidivism. The May 27 House vote on HB 1 was 114-0-0, sending the measure to the Senate for final action.

Economy – Illinois unemployment

State unemployment rate holds steady at 6.0%.

Numbers for April 2015, released by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, were identical to the 6.0% figure for March 2015. 5.92 million Illinois residents were collecting paychecks from nonfarm employment in April, but this was only 4,800 more jobs than in March. Jobless figures for April 2015 were 6.0% in Illinois and 5.4% nationwide.

Wheeler, Bary looking right talking calmUnemployment is increasingly concentrated in Downstate and rural areas.

Illinois and its job-counting partners calculate individual unemployment rates for 13 separate metropolitan areas. All 13 of these areas had jobless rates lower than the 6.0% statewide average.

April 2015 Illinois metro jobless rates fell into a range bounded by 3.9% in Bloomington-Normal, the state’s most prosperous locality, and topping out at 5.9% in Chicago, Danville, and Decatur. Unemployment was higher, however, than the 6.0% statewide in many rural counties located outside these thirteen urban areas.

The numbers continue to show the Prairie State underperforming neighboring states.

While many U.S. states now have many more jobs than they did before the 2008 downturn, Illinois numbers indicate that our job count will not recover to pre-recession levels until July 2016.

The April 2015 jobless rate, calculated by states was

  • 5.4% in Indiana
  • 3.8% in Iowa
  • 5% in Kentucky
  • 5.7% in Missouri
  • 4.4% in Wisconsin

Even hard-hit states such as Michigan (5.4%), Ohio (5.2%) and Pennsylvania (5.3%) had lower unemployment rates than Illinois in April 2015.

Fair Map – General Assembly redistricting maps

House Republicans, Governor call for bipartisan maps.

Remap petition Walsh

U.S. voters vote for legislators – members of Congress and state legislators – who represent “districts” that are drawn on maps to contain equal numbers of people counted by census. At the time the U.S. Constitution was adopted, maps were drawn by hand. It was presumed that legislative districts would be compact or follow the boundary-lines of existing communities, or both.

In recent years, however, the invention of demographic software has made it possible for computers to draw maps that ruthlessly cross existing lines, sprawl across many different jurisdictions and virtually certain to elect politicians from one political party. Here in Illinois, two “Democratic maps” drawn in 2001 and redrawn in 2011 have led to fourteen straight years of uninterrupted control by the Chicago-based political party over both chambers of the state legislature in Springfield.

In November 2014, a strong margin of voters elected Republican Bruce Rauner to be Governor of Illinois, yet because of politically-drawn legislative maps, Democrats retained veto-proof supermajorities in both the Illinois House and Senate.

Other U.S. states have removed politics from the all-important job of mapmaking. HJRCA 40, a House Republican measure introduced on May 22, creates an Independent Redistricting Commission made up of members of both major political parties to draw the maps. The constitutional amendment provides a nonpartisan process to break a tie and draw the map if the two parties cannot agree.

Governor Bruce Rauner has stated his strong support for HJRCA 40, and has called for the House and Senate to consider the measure. House Republicans see redistricting reform as one aspect of reforms needed to enact a balanced budget and move beyond the failed policies of former Governors Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn under Democrat-controlled legislative maps. Redistricting reform as supported by Governor Rauner and House Republicans would succeed in taking politics out of the drawing of legislative maps.

Higher education – COD scandal

“Lavish perks” discovered at other campuses in wake of COD scandal.

The investigation, described by the “Chicago Tribune” on May 22, described employment-related benefits authorized by friendly trustees for a wide variety of Illinois public university and community college presidents. The reported benefits include housing allowances, private club memberships, expense accounts, retention bonuses and supplemental retirement plans. Supplemental benefits like these are routinely provided to administrators whose market services are in demand.

The investigation followed efforts by newly-elected trustees at the College of DuPage (COD) to cooperate with a growing investigation of a sheaf of supplemental benefits and perks provided to retiring COD president Robert Breuder, who is currently on leave of absence. Reports that Breuder and his inner circle enjoyed an extensive tab for gourmet food and drink at the high-end restaurant operated by the college’s school of culinary arts have raised questions about Illinois public higher education compensation issues.

Police – Body Cameras

Illinois House passes bill to encourage police forces to adopt bodycams as routine element of uniform.

BodycamNothing in SB 1304 will require a police force to use bodycams, but a variety of provisions in the bill – worked out with the active participation of statewide law enforcement groups – will strongly encourage them to do so.

Video taken by bodycams will have to be kept for at least 60 days and can then be erased by the police force or its data-security partner, unless specific enumerated events took place and were photographed by the camera and the video must be secured for a longer period of time.

Other features of SB 1304 will expand the existing protocol used by police officers in tracking statistical information on individuals detained in traffic stops. Under this bill similar information will be gathered, also for statistical purposes, on pedestrians detained by a police officer.

The bill contains a $5 supplemental fine imposed on motor vehicle moving violations. Money from the fee will be allocated to a grant fund to help individual police departments obtain bodycams and for the police-training process. Police training will include increased information for new and retrained officers on the use of bodycam video in day-to-day police work.

Two House Republican members with experience as serving police officers, Rep. John Anthony (R-Morris) and Rep. John Cabello (R-Machesney Park), were co-sponsors of SB 1304. The vote on SB 1304 was 107-3-4, sending the measure back to the state Senate for concurrence.

Term limits

The best advertisement for term limits.

The best advertisement for term limits.

The call was issued on May 20 at the State Capitol in Springfield. This call was backed up on May 22, with the introduction of HJRCA 39, a term-limit amendment to the Illinois Constitution. House Republican Leader Jim Durkin was the lead sponsor of HJRCA 39.

If the voters are allowed to vote on and enact HJRCA 39, then starting in 2017 the State will start phasing in a fixed, 8-year term limit on the terms of Illinois statewide elected officials, including the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Comptroller and Treasurer. HJRCA 39 will also place a 10-year cap on the length of time that members can serve in the Illinois House and the Illinois Senate.

Proponents of HJRCA 39 believe that future Illinois officials and lawmakers should be drawn from the voting electorate, and they need to look forward to returning to the places from where they came. According to the National Conference of State Legislators, 15 states have legislative term limits. States with legislative term limits include comparable Midwest and neighboring states such as Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio.

Governor Bruce Rauner has repeatedly pointed to ultra-seniority Illinois lawmakers from the legislative majority party as key barriers to Illinois’ movement into the future. He has reiterated his strong support for Illinois political term limits and HJRCA 39 is part of his “Turnaround Illinois” agenda for 2015 policy action.

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Thanks for reading. As always, please feel free to contact my Crystal Lake office with any questions or concerns regarding my legislation, any other legislation or issues with the state at (847) 973-0064 or visit my website for more information at


Barb Wheeler Sums Up Last (Regular) Session Week — 16 Comments

  1. HB-1 is more funny Illinois leg.

    Save and help all the self destructive losers who abuse drugs and torture the thousands of law abiding post surgery users of pain meds.

    Try hobbling down to Walgreens every 10 days after a total hip replacement.

    Nice job Springfield!

  2. The police officer must have seen lots of cases of people addicted to painkillers.

    One of the problems is people sell their unused painkillers for cash, don’t do that, you are just feeding an addict, and most addicts can’t stop, it’s not as if most choose to be an addict.

    Granted painkillers are highly addictive, but the answer is to limit certain painkiller prescriptions to a 10 day supply?

    That will undoubtedly be a major inconvenience for some people.

    Not knowledgeable about the average prescription lengths for painkillers.

    It seems most prescriptions in general are a 30 day supply.

  3. “Dispensing pharmacies would be forbidding from selling a vial of opioids containing more than a 10-day supply.”

    Rauner, go F$&# yourself…

    I’m sorry I’ve had my body torn apart serving my country… so much pain each day I cannot walk from my bed to the kitchen in the morning.

    I wake up each day, take my pain medication ( 1 pill ) lay in bed for another hour until the meds kick in and I can breath normally again because the spasms finally have stopped surrounding my bones and muscles that have been ripped apart protecting others.

    That is, after not being able to sleep most of the night due to pain….so I ask myself, do I take a pain med, or do I just take these spasms that are so strong I have to get out of bed, fill up a bath tub with hot, hot, water and lay in the tub until I about all asleep?

    Or do I spend the $700.00 on a ‘tens unit’ out of pocket because the insurance company won’t pay for that because the Hydrocodone is cheaper??

    I spent the $700.00!

    INTRACTABLE PAIN….this is a pain that ONLY a narcotic pain medication can control… it’s a pain that locks up every muscle in your body in spasm until you cannot move.

    I have six inches of titanium rods and screws in my back….I have nylon like rope holding my shoulders in place, bi-laterally.

    These pain medications allow those who would be bedridden a chance at life….WHEN the patient remains under the strict care of a pain management professional. (Usually Pain Managment docs are anesthesiologist.)

    NOW, because of a state budget crises caused by ABLE bodied men and women who benefit from the services of those who become disabled due to no fault of their own, you want to punish us?

    The FEDS have ALREADY set in stone, how drugs, based upon their ‘tier,’ are dispensed and how often.

    Out of four levels, 1 being the highest such as Heroin.

    Pain meds such as oxycodone, a level 2 drug, (which works for many better than Vicodine because it does not cause stomach and liver damage because it does not contain acetaminophen.) are a life saver to many. Acetaminophen is more dangerous to those taking pain meds then the narcotics themselves.

    Acetaminophen is contained in many over the counter pain relievers.

    This additive to pain meds will kill off your liver and kidneys LONG BEFORE the Hydrocodone ever will.

    Class 2 drugs such as “Oxycodone” ARE NOT refillable …. you get a 30 day supply only, IF your doctor provides you with a WRITTEN prescription that must be given to patient by hand, every 30 days. No faxing, no calling into the pharmacy.

    Vicodine is a CLass 3 narcotic pain med….as are medications such as Xanax.

    These “Controlled Medications” CAN be refilled 5 times WITHOUT having to go back to your doctor for a fresh WRITTEN prescription, and, it can be CALLED in to the pharmacy.

    Then, if the doctor is responsible, he makes the patient who is under his ‘pain management care,’ come back to the office for a ‘check up,’ then, and only then, will (by law) the doctor provide a fresh REFILLABLE prescription

    So, Illinois, keep the heck out of the policing of people who SUFFER from life altering chronic pain.

    The Feds already covered this issue and laws are in place.

    Perhaps you can charge chronic pain sufferers a ‘fee’ to purchase a ‘card’ that would allow them to obtain their pain medications.

    How much do you want Rauner?

    Will $10.00 a month per pain sufferer help you?

    Can you give soldiers and police officers who have been shot, stabbed or run over during a drug sting or a domestic battery instance get a discount.

    How about locally, the recent shooting of two McHenry County Deputy Sheriffs?

    Seems to me that male officer will certainly have chronic pain issues with his leg after nearly having it blown off.

    I suggest our local State Reps start talking and stepping up. We don’t care about your self serving ‘news letters!’

    SHOW US what you are doing for we, the people who put you there.

    People who TRULY suffer chronic pain, ARE NOT abusers and are NOT selling their drugs on the local streets.

    Those selling prescription opiates already have laws in place they KNOW they are breaking…. the POLICE are charged with dealing with them, not the state legislators.

    God Bless all those who are reading this and ‘feel it!’ I pray each night for you!

  4. So sorry, for your situation Dave.

    Yes, more needs to be done for more specific health situations and nothing ever fits into an all or nothing mold.

    Corruption, has done nothing but compound your health problems.

    So, many lives have been altered and to think all of it was just so avoidable.

  5. Thank you Duncan.

    My story is just one of so many who suffer much more than I.

    On and on I could go….. just look at the little elderly lady who might be your cashier at Walmart, look at her hands. The signs of arthritis are impossible to hide. Yet her pain is something she lives with, day in, day out. All the while, smiling and making sure our shopping experience was satisfactory.

    When she goes home, she lets it all go in whatever fashion she has privately chosen to deal with the pain that made her day sure hell.

    You are so correct Duncan……………. nothing fits into an all or nothing mold.

    It’s easy for people who get up each day and their body does what it was designed to do, but that day will come, I can assure everybody will face this day, when you are no longer the man/woman you once were. When that day comes, call a person who you laughed at and mocked because they are the only ones who is capable of providing you with true compassion.

    (That one is directed at my own family….cruel people who have no idea of what compassion means. They are Thomas Bachmann of Crystal Lake, Ellen Burg of Crystal Lake, and Paula Muntzenberger now living in the Turnberry area on Lock Glen Drive, Crystal Lake. I was cut out of my fathers multimillionaire estate by my sister Ellen Burg because they did not feel I ‘worked enough’ to deserve to get one of the many homes my father owned and the millions of dollars that were left behind that would have helped me to purchase my medications.

    When I told my sister that my insulin bill alone is in the 1,400.00 dollar per month alone, just for one medication not inclusive of another thousand dollars of other medications inclusive of medications to control horrible pain, she stated, “I’m sorry about your medications.” Then, called the Sheriffs department telling a deputy that she did not like my reaction to what she has stated… my brother Thomas did the same thing. They are cowards… maybe they need a little pain medication?

    THIS, is what people, your own family will do if they believe you are a person who takes Narcotic Pain Medications believing, ignorantly, a person who takes pain medication cannot handle life. Just google John D. Bachmann and see the obituary… my name appears nowhere.)

    So given this fact, do not be surprised if your state will ‘cut you out’ as well!!

    Marlene Lantz, during my 2008, run against her for Coroner, had obviously spoken to then Daily Herald report Amy Mack. prior to the start of our pre-election interview. When I arrived to the interview, Amy Mack demanded I produce my “Medical Records.” ( I have never revealed this story in public.

    I did have a private conversation about what happened to Cal. Not for print, but to allow him into the world of Marlene Lantz and her “friends.”

    I am a functioning member of society because I “Responsibly” remain under the care of trained medical professionals. I am not a ‘druggie’ as I was called, nor are all the others out there who need ‘controlled substances’ in order to find comfort so they can continue to be good neighbors and contributing members of society.

    Governor Rauner, do not take the dignity of thousands of Illinois TAX PAYING CITIZENS away from them.

    These pain sufferers are incredible contributors to our economy and our neighborhoods. Some may not be able to work a full time job any longer, but how about asking our State Representatives to find jobs for the disabled, for the hours they might be able to put in, and, in a field they have prior professional experience. You will find the disabled WANT to work in some capacity.

    The state and the nation is missing out on a work force that can still contribute… stop sending our jobs over seas. Do you know how many disabled persons can put in twenty hours a week working for the government?

    For instance, taking calls from those seeking information about how to fill out a state insurance application since Illinois, decided to hold itself out as an insurance company.

    We have better things to do than run back and forth to the pharmacy every ten days. We have lives to live!

    Thank you and sorry for the rambling… but there is so much Cal’s readers need to know about what went on behind closed doors! Little by little, those who tried to bully those of us who told the truth and tried to make changes, are getting theirs.

    How are thing’s going now Marlene…. Have you called Amy Mack to print your story line yet? Oh that’s right, she no longer works in a position to spew her bull$%it.

    I along with so many others, are PROUD citizens of the United States……..all we want to do is enjoy all our great nation has to offer. We are not stoners!

    The “Haters” are going to “Hate,” nothing we can do friends.

  6. Regarding HB 1 language about a 10 day supply.

    Contact your elected State Rep, State Senator, and Rauner’s office, first verify with them your understanding of the bill, then explain your situation.

    House Amendment 1 to House Bill 1 contains the following (note, did that language make it to the final bill that passed?):

    “(a-10) A pharmacy may only fill a 10-day supply of a Schedule II controlled substance at one time and must receive authorization from the prescriber before filling any subsequent 10-day supply.

    However, a prescriber may authorize the pharmacy to fill up to 3 sequential 10-day supplies, up to one 30-day supply, or as provided under subsection (a-5) of this Section up to 3 sequential 30-day supplies, if the prescriber describes on the prescription form or indicates via telephone, fax, or electronic communication to the pharmacy to be entered on or attached to the prescription the medical reason for the larger supply and, if applicable, the written instructions required under paragraph (2) of subsection (a-5).”

    It seems that language only appears in House Amendment 1, not in Engrossed, Enrolled, House Amendment 2, and House Amendment 3.

  7. I agree that government (and the accountants) need to step back and not interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.

    David, you mention “I’m sorry I’ve had my body torn apart serving my country…”

    Thank you for that, but how did your injury occur that at least some of your medical care is not being paid for by the VA?

    It seems to me that if you want to rail against government involving themselves in your medical care, that would be a good point for you to make.

  8. Why the comment: “Rauner, go F$&# yourself… “?

    The posting by Wheeler indicates she and all the other members of the House voted YES and the bill was passed in the Senate with four NO votes.

    Would a better statement not have been to request Rauner to veto the bill or make a ‘Quinn’ signing amendment?

  9. Wow, LOL_ADL.

    It’s none of your business!

    What a picayune remark to make after hearing that devastating story.

    I feel your mental anguish, David.

    Have very similar story here. (With the exception of the enormity.)

    I will pray continually for you from here on out.

    There are many folks like this that are in my prayers.

    May God also continue to give you the peace that passes all understanding.

    Others could benefit from this man’s perseverance and righteous deeds.

  10. There is no excuse for what your family did to you.

    Yes, they are cowards.

    And, they were just looking for an excuse to cut you out of the will.

    Dave, you have been absolutely accurate about your reports on corruption in McHenry County for years.

    Your family has done nothing but try to invalidate the truth about Nygren and others.

    They sided with Nygren, when they should have stood their ground in your defense.

    Actions speak louder than words, and they have spoken because of what they have done to their own family member.

    They will live with those choices forever.

    In my opinion, their actions are horrific, shocking and irresponsible.

    My family and I have witnessed the horrific abuse of the court system for years, leaving us with disbelief and utterly disappointed.

    Corruption, in our county is real.

    Now we have a real opportunity for truth and justice in the judicial system because we now have Bianchi and Prim working for the people.

  11. “LOL_ADL,” (Commentator above) I’m sorry, I must have missed the press release that police officers or non-military get free medical treatment from the V.A. You have made an assumption that is not correct. Respectfully.

    Or, that the V.A. covers cancer surgery you had on an emergent basis outside the scope of a V.A. hospital.

    I believe I have laid my soul bare enough in order to bring home a very serious point so that others might benefit. I am not obligated to disclose my particular case. If you stick to the facts as stated, my hope was that I was able to speak to regular folks out there suffering the extreme losses due to illness and or injury.

    Thank you Cindy for your kindness. There are always those who will take a person who is just trying to help provide information to help Cal’s readers should they ever, God forbid, finds themselves in this position.

    Thanks again Mark for your research. Is what you were quoting regarding being able to FAX in a Schedule 2 pain med to the pharmacy a new addition to the law. I know that present law forbids faxing in a schedule 2 prescription. I have to hand carry a fresh refill request every 30 days after I visit with my doctor.

    Finally, this bill talks about ‘education’ and ‘rehabilitation?’

    When a person comes to the realization that they need ‘help’ getting off medications such a Xanax or an opioid dependency, I have found that it is darn near impossible to get yourself admitted to an ‘inpatient’ care facility.

    I know an alcoholic who went before a judge and begged that he be adjudicated ‘incompetent,’ so he could get treatment so that he would not hurt anybody while drunk. It took him three tries in court for the judge to finally get him off the streets.

    Due to my own serious injuries, I was put on Xanax by my doctor to help me sleep…. I would go four-five days and nights with zero sleep.

    I needed help getting off that stuff….My doctor could not get me admitted to the hospital ward that handles these issues… why, because the gang banger’s were taking all the beds due to court ordered ‘sober up’ program so that the punks were sober enough to face the judge.

    Thus, good people, who like myself, is not a drug addict but a guy just like any other good citizen reading this story, took six months to be given a bed in that ward as it is not on the same floor as the ‘regular’ hospital.

    They offer “NO” conversation at all, they just let you lay in there as they ween you off the meds.

    This is a direct result of no money to accomplish what the guts of HB 1 dictates. It all sounds really nice politically speaking, but the reality is, nobody really cares. Anybody out there hoping to get off the medications he/she was prescribed, go back to your doctor and work out a program and you can do it all from home.

    Don’t rush yourself off the medications. Dependent upon how long you have been taking any opioid, should determine how long you should take to ween yourself back off. You can do it!! Call your local Police Department to ask them if they have a dispensary for all unused pain meds. Do not flush your meds down the toilet. Give them to the authorities so they can be safely disposed of.

    Good luck!

  12. Thank you Duncan for all your support over the years. You have been a voice of strength and support for all those who KNOW the truth.

    We can put our heads down on our pillows each night knowing we are not the fools.

    We don’t have to lay awake thinking of ways to cover over what we stated the day before.

    Cindy, thank you.

    Mark, thank you for taking so much time helping us understand what the heck all this stuff means.

    To Scott Milliman, Zane Seipler, Paul Scharff, Bill Prim, Lou Bianchi, Cal Skinner, Pete Gonigam, Gus Philpot, Deputy John Koziol, “The Kitchen Militia,” and all the volunteers who worked hard to provide “Hope” for all county residents.

    I keep you all in my prayers each night.

    Forgive me if I left anybody’s name out….

    I am happy to report, my health is on the uptick….it was a matter of making a complete change of my entire medical team.

    I am working hard on getting back on the road to strength and good health.

    “Our team of Lawmen and Law women,” will ride with strength into the 2016 election season.

    Lou, we have your back!


  13. No, Thank You, David! (for being a courageous fighter for good) If only we all had the temerity you display.

  14. David know, the ‘Regimers” the Nygren supporters, etc, will live in the court of public opinion forever, because of their poor choices.

    They will no longer be allowed to conduct themselves with a “cloak of disguise,” because their true selves have now been disclosed to the public.

    The crusaders have made them transparent.

    Further, nothing they say or do will ever make up for the damage they have done to others.

    Such, a sad and enduring legacy they have created for themselves.

    Great things have already been accomplished because of your sacrifices and the crusade against corruption.

    And, all of us will be there to witnes the next chapter as we continue to take back our government.

  15. I would get in touch with the legislators and governors office about the HB 1 in the 99th General Assembly.

    The bill had 3 amendments.

    It seems to be primarily focused on heroin and the gadget used to rescue someone from a heroin overdose, but there’s a lot more in there too.

    HB 1 passed the House and Senate, now is the time to make your point before the Governor signs the bill.

    But there are so many details and nuances you first want to be sure you understand what the bill says, and the legislators and governors office should be able to provide any clarification.

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