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Another end of the session report, this one from State Senator Karen McConnaughay:

Senator McConnaughay’s Legislative Update: June 3, 2015

Karen McConnaughayAs the dust starts to settle after what was supposed to be the last week of the spring legislative session things like the state budget remain uncertain. Unfortunately major reforms were shot down and yet another unbalanced budget was pushed through the last week of session.

In response, the Rauner Administration immediately began taking steps to manage state spending, putting several programs and projects on hold, freezing spending in a number of areas, and pursuing closure of certain facilities.

On June 9th Senate lawmakers will return to Springfield as session extends into the summer.

While the lack of real progress on some of these key issues is disheartening, I remain optimistic that we will be able to come together in a bipartisan way to address the problems facing Illinois.

Republican lawmakers and Governor Bruce Rauner have consistently demonstrated they are open to working with their Democrat counterparts on a budget for Illinois, in conjunction with reforms that would generate jobs and boost Illinois’ sluggish economy.

As we work toward finding solutions to these problems, your input continues to be vital to the work I do in Springfield. Please contact me or my office with questions or concerns you may have, and make sure your voice is heard! You can also visit my legislative website at

Karen McConnaughay
State Senator for the 33rd District

McConnaughay votes no on regressive budget

Illinois Democrats voted to approve an unbalanced budget instead of addressing much-needed structural reforms on Wednesday, April 27. State Senator Karen McConnaughay (R-St. Charles) voted “no” on a budget that she says takes Illinois in the wrong direction.

“Today Illinois Democrats voted to approve the same kind of broken budget they have been putting forth for years. This kind of regressive budget moves Illinois in the wrong direction,” said McConnaughay. “This spring I have worked with my Republican colleagues and Governor Rauner on a package of necessary reforms. Instead of working with us to move Illinois in a better direction, they chose to move Illinois back.”

Read more about the budget here…

Dems pass status quo budget, ignore reform opportunities

Governor Rauner and Republican lawmakers like Sen. Karen McConnaughay (R-St. Charles) have repeatedly offered to negotiate and compromise on the state’s fiscal issues, beginning with discussions centered on much-needed structural reforms to state government. However, repeated attempts to work in good faith with Democrat legislators have been rebuffed during what was supposed to be the final week of the spring session in favor of the same failed budget policies that have dominated Illinois finances for more than a decade.

Instead of working on a budget compromise, Democrats moved forward with an unconstitutionally unbalanced spending plan. Their plan calls for more than $36 billion in total spending, which is more than $3 billion over projected revenues of about $33 billion for the next fiscal year.

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Pro-jobs reform killed by Senate Democrats

Significant portions of Gov. Bruce Rauner and Senate Republicans’ pro-jobs reform agenda were stalled last week by entrenched opposition from Democrat lawmakers in control of the General Assembly.

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Memorial wall at Illinois Capitol honors IL military sacrifice

On Memorial Day – Senate Republicans unveiled a special Remembrance Wall in the halls of the Illinois Capitol. The display highlights photographs, mementos, memorials, and stories from friends and loved ones of deceased veterans.

Click here to see the display…

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