Mike Tryon & Carl Davis Had Heart Problems

Carl Davis

Carl Davis

Mike Tryon

Mike Tryon

Two local public officials have been in the hospital with heart problems.

The most prominent is State Rep. Mike Tryon.

The other is long-time Lakewood Village Trustee Cargrl Davis.

Indications are that they are recovering.

Tryon’s hospitalization might explain why two Kane County men are angling for his spot in the Illinois House.

Tryon announced his intention to run for re-election, but that was before his trip to Centegra.

Yesterday, Tryon was listed as “Excused” on the House roll call.

East Dundee Trustee Dan Wilbrandt filed a campaign disclosure form with the Illinois State Board of Elections stating explicitly that he was seeking the office of State Representative in the 66th District.

That is the number of Tryon’s district.

East Dundee Trustee Allen Skillicorn has announced an exploratory committee and set up a meeting in Huntley.


Mike Tryon & Carl Davis Had Heart Problems — 8 Comments

  1. Allen Skillcorn’s entry into the race for the 66th renews my hope for a better Illinois.

    Allen is model of openness in politics, and has shown common sense care and concern for the taxpayer.

  2. I bet they were both able to get a private room at Centegra… Something that’s virtually impossible for the rest of us!

  3. @Really?


    Gimme a break.

    At least neither Tryon and Davis went on about service to their country and playing the veteran’s card (by innuendo) like some others we could mention.

    If, and I mean IF, they got a private room it was because they or their insurance would pay for it. BFD!

    I had a semi-private room to myself at Centegra and my last two hospitals stays at other hospitals and never asked for them.

    Just the luck of the draw and a low census at the hospital when I was there.

    You obviously have a point, besides the one at the top of your head.

    What, pray tell, is it?

  4. Did either of these people authorize the release of this information? Has the reporter confirmed it?

    Was it released by a Centegra employee?

    One of their political adversaries?

    HIPPA laws anyone?

    Either way, bad form Mr. Skinner…

    Not that journalistic integrity has ever been your strong suit.

  5. Tryon @ Centegra …….. yipes!

    Hope his life insurance is paid up!

  6. HIPAA laws only apply to those directly involved in patient care.

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