Part 11 – Who’s Got What

Today’s Political Action Committee is one run by the teachers of Crystal Lake High School District 155.

It spent $3.348.25 in the lead up to the April school elections.

The election was on April 7th, so it is likely that more was spent in the week before the day citizens cast ballots.

PAC Treasurer August Serio reported a $2,500 infusion of funds from the Illinois Education Association’s political arm.  It is called the Illinois Political Action Committee of Education.

IPACE for short.

This is incorrectly reported as an “other receipt,” when it should be reported as a ”transfer.”

In any event, the $2,500 was on top of what was already in the fund–$5,154.26.

At the end of March, there was $4,356.01 left in the bank.

Signs of candidates favored by Crystal Lake's High School teacher union.

Signs of candidates favored by Crystal Lake’s High School District 155 teachers’ union.

What was the money spent on?

  • $2,040 for yard signs for the endorsed slate of Amy Blazier, Adam Guss and Brian Pelz.  Blazier and Guss won election to the high school board, along with Rosemary Kurtz.
  • $500 for yard signs for District 155 teacher Kurt Wadlington, who ran unsuccessfully for the Crystal Lake Grade School Board.
  • McHenry County College Trustee candidate Matt Hardt, a teacher at Prairie Ridge High School in District 155, received a contribution of $500.  He lost to Karen Tirio for the two-year term.
  • Jim Tenhaar got a check for $177.75 for sign posts for Blazier, Guss and Pelz.
  • $130 .01 for refreshments for a candidates’ forum during the second week of February.

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