Cement Trucks on Dorr Twp. Roads

Concrete truck briarwood BriarwoodTaking the shortcut to Woodstock I saw two cement trucks coming to and fro from the road building on Route 14 near McHenry County College.

The maximum weight for them is 82,000 pounds, if memory serves me correctly.

Cement truck at Lucas

The cement trucks take Briarwood to Lucas Roads, returning by the same route.

Somehow I doubt Briarwood and Lucas Roads are meant to carry that weight.

But, according to the Dorr Township Road Commissioner’s Office, the roads are designated as truck routes, so using them is legal.

The office has tried to discourage the use of that route, but, as you can see, the day I took these photos the request did not seem to have had much effect.

The trucks could just take Route 176 to Route 14 and go north.

Briarwood north of the Route 176 improvement is crumbling in places.

Cement trucks will accelerate that deterioration.

Briarwood north of Route 176 is due to be repaved, but not this year.


Cement Trucks on Dorr Twp. Roads — 8 Comments

  1. Concrete Trucks not Cement Trucks. Cement is the grey powder that is the “glue” in concrete.

  2. Weight limits depend on number of axles.

    Last I knew (admittedly years ago) the weight limit for a 3 axle truck was 20 tons (40,000 lbs.) on Illinois highways without a permit.

  3. Three axels- 32000# on the rear duals, 16000# on the front, and I BELIEVE the “tag” or rear fold down is another 16000#, to total 64000# or 32 tons.

    However, any road, weight limit or not, can be used by up to even a semi, as long as it takes the most direct route to it’s delivery location, and returns by the same route

  4. You know, you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

    Translation : You’ve got to destroy the roads so that you can
    rebuild them.

    It’s the Democrat way – got to keep those dues paying union
    members employed

  5. And the hearings relative to a not for profit commercial operation on a township road in Coral Township road continue.

    Township roads are intended to support local residential traffic and traffic to support farming.

    Should any commercial enterprise, not for profit or otherwise, be permitted on any Township Road?

  6. Was construction going on somewhere down one of the roads, like a new home footings or foundation?

  7. Why did Gottemoller not include the Road Commissioners in his task force for the township consolidation?

    Did Bobby tell him to ignore them?

    Is Bobby working to expand his kingdom?

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