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Got the following information from Lakewood Village Administrator Catherine Peterson about the proposal to put a restaurant where the Village Hall is now located.

Designers see the Lakewood restaurant kitchen out in the open.

Designers see the Lakewood restaurant kitchen out in the open.

I asked about a cost-benefit analysis, which I assumed existed, and some other questions.

  • The initial space/needs analysis indicated that a facility (combined Village Hall/Police Department) of approximately 9,000 square feet would be necessary.
  • in terms of the restaurant, please know that the early rendering that you viewed considered the possibility of creating pkg along the south side of Lake Ave.  This was proposed by the architect and never considered by the Village of Lakewood as a realistic possibility.  In other words, no homes will be taken off the tax rolls. 
  • Also, the land is valued at approximately $750,000 and would be sold/leased to a restaurant.     
  • As a two cent sales tax community (by referendum), $4 million in sales would generate $80,000 in sales tax. 
  • A full liquor license currently costs $2,000 year. 
  • No analysis has been conducted of the property taxes that would be generated by such a facility.

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One of the parking lots targeted by architects is owned by the Country Store kitty-cornered across Lake Avenue.

The Country Store's parking lot.

The Country Store’s parking lot.

It and the store and points west are in Crystal Lake, meaning that Lakewood could not obtain the property through condemnation proceedings unless the Crystal Lake City Council was willing to assist.

The asking price for the parking lot and the store is $1.45 million.

The Country Store and parking lot.  A home can be seen to its west.

The Country Store and parking lot. A home can be seen to its west that is under the same ownership.

They will not be sold separately.

The store has 2,700 feet downstairs and 900 or so upstairs.

The house to its west isunder the same ownership.

9,000 square feet is the administration’s estimate of what is needed for the police and village offices.

Perhaps that space could be found on these three parcels.

The immediate objection is that the properties are located in Crystal Lake.

If Lakewood purchased them, they would be off the tax rolls, so, perhaps, Crystal Lake would allow Lakewood to purchase them.

The home to the east of the parking lot is already off the tax rolls.

I am sure those who want Lakewood to be a high class village would object, but there are a number of us who could care less what a new village hall looks like.

Just make it adequate.


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