Madigan’s Free Plane Rides Threatened

Governor Bruce Rauner has found one of House Speaker Mike Madigan’s hot buttons.

His free plane rides between Chicago and Springfield.

Would soon-to-be impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich journeyed to Springfield to speak to the State Senate, if he knew he would have drive back to Chicago.

Would soon-to-be impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich journeyed to Springfield to speak to the State Senate, if he knew he would have drive back to Chicago.

I wonder if Madigan even remembers the last time he drove to Springfield.

It was probably during the 1970’s when I-55 still had not been completed.

He would have driven on parts of Route 66 through towns like Dwight, Pontiac, Lincoln and ones even smaller where signs would have pointed to the “best pie in town” cafes.

Speaker Mike Madigan with two future felons, Rod Blagojevich and Tony Rezko.

Speaker Mike Madigan with two future felons, Rod Blagojevich and Tony Rezko.

Since being in leadership, Madigan has been ferrying by air.

And the seats in the plane he commandeers are perks for Democrats with which he wants to curry favor.

And not driving is a big favor.

The trip to and from Chicago is easier than driving from Crystal Lake (the commuting time each week equals taking the train to Chicago five days a week), but still a drag.

When Madigan gets to Springfield, by the way, he and the other legislative leaders don’t have to worry about ground transportation.

When the Illinois Crime Commission (a legislative body run by Charles Siragusa) was abolished, the General Assembly assigned its cars to legislative leaders.

Note that Rauner has driven (or more likely been driven) to and from the big city since he has been sworn in.

Rauner has set July 1st as the day that Madigan will have to find alternative transportation to the State Capitol.

Undoubtedly, this expenditure cut will be felt most personally by the Democratic Party leader…probably the only one that he will feel.


Madigan’s Free Plane Rides Threatened — 15 Comments

  1. Mike most be part of the Global Warming crowd, so isn’t Bruce just helping him be genuine by reducing his carbon foot print while saving us a few penny’s?

  2. As long as he’s in the legislature, there will be no minimizing his carbon footprint unless somebody sews his mouth shut.

  3. Michael Madigan receives free plane rides to Springfield.

    Do his supporters receive free rides to their employment?

  4. Brucey, make sure your transportation is the best plane ride money can buy.

    While your’e taking off in your luxurious plane, wave good bye to Mikey as he finds his way to his job in his car.

    Don’t forget to give Mikey a gold star, when he makes it to work on time…..

  5. He should have never had that perk anyway.

    These are the politically entrenched elite that are killing the state we all live in.

    Bruce R is the only adult in the room who is compelled enough not to see the state go down the drain, thank goodness we have one!

  6. Thankfully, the people of McHenry County recognized the promise in Bruce Rauner’s ability to reform Illinois.

    Rauner’s win could not have been accomplished without the high vote count in McHenry County.

    The community came together for a common cause.

    Many individuals did their part and Prim and Rauner were elected.

    No one had to be told what to do, they knew what theirs jobs were and did them above and beyond what was expected.

    You are right, Madigan should have never had that perk.

    He is a King, that has been on the throne way too long.

    Unfortunately, people have been too busy trying to survive living in the land of corruption.

    Some have been persuaded by “Mike Madigan Shenanigans”

    While others, are fighting back and have no more tolerance for corrupt politics and government.

    Real reform, began with the election of Bill Prim, Rauner and others.

    There is still a lot of work to be done and it is going to take an army of people to fight the war on corruption.

    Everyone, needs to do their part.

    Normandy was one of Americas’s greatest achievements.

    No one person could have fought that war alone.

    There was not one single hero, who rode the white horse into town.

    There were many heroes and Patton recognized all of them.

    Hopefully, people continue rallying for the cause and continue to come together in an effort to fight for the government that belongs to the them; We the people , of the Great State of Illinois.

  7. You’ve said it all Duncan. I would love to see Madigan peddling his way to Springfield.

  8. Don’t break your arm patting your back, Duncan.

    While the majority of McHenry County residents and residents in EVERY county other than Cook, told Quinn to take a flying leap, the simple fact of the matter is that if EVERY person casting a vote for Rauner had instead voted for Quinn, he still would have beat Quinn.

    Further, many counties scored a higher percentage of votes for Rauner than did McHenry County.

    Still to come is what can Rauner REALLY do with the Dems holding a super majority in both chambers.

    The simple answer is nothing but we can hope…

  9. That should be EVERY person casting a vote for Rauner IN McHENRY COUNTY had instead…


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