Part 19 – Who’s Got What

Write-in instructions for Kristina Zahorik.

Write-in instructions for Kristina Zahorik.

Today we move to Kristina Zahorik’s campaign committee.

She serves on the Oakwood Hills Village Board and is a Democratic Party State Central Committeewoman.

She ran first for Village Trustee in the April election.

Last year she won the State Central Committeewoman post with a write-in campaign.

Her committee was started on January 22nd.

She took in $7,275 in case during the rest of the three months, plus $150 classified as “in-kind.”

There was also a loan of $900 from Paul Sindberg of Oakwood Hills.

Kristina Zahorik

Kristina Zahorik speaking to state employees union rally in Woodstock.

Zahorik spent $999.34.

The $2,500 in identified donations donations follow:

  • $500 – A & O Iron  Workers Local 63, Broadview
  • $500 – SEIU Local 73, Chicago
  • $250 – Construction and General Laborers, Burr Ridge
  • $250 – McHenry County Building Trades, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Administrative District Council 1 of Illinois, Bricklayers Union
  • $250 – Valiza Nash, Waukegan
  • $250 – Friends of Cabonargi, Wilmette
  • $250 – Prairie Political Action Committee, Chicago
  • $200 – Kevin Zahorik, San Francisco
  • $150- Ole & Eva Sindberg, Trout Valley
  • $150 – IBEW Local 150 – Libertyville
  • $100 – Friends of Mark Guethie, North Aurora
  • $50 – Citizens for Dorothy “Dot” Turner Committee, Rockford
  • $50 – Friends of Patricia Fahy, Albany, NY

The biography from Friends of Kristina Zahorik reads:

Kristina Zahorik is District 3 Chairman for the McHenry County Democrats (MCD).

She successfully completed several projects within the last six months with MCD; including running the MCD 2013 County Fair booth, a Halloween fundraiser, a petition signature drive for state and local candidates, recruitment of several Democratic candidates for the 2014 campaign cycle, hosting a documentary with the McHenry College Democrats about her former boss Senator Paul Simon, and assisting in MCD social media.

Kristina continues to reach out, meet, and work with neighboring counties and like-minded organizations fostering stronger ties to grow the Democratic Party and potential candidates.

Kristina, a former senior legislative aide for the late Senator Paul Simon on his Subcommittee on Employment and Productivity in Washington, D.C.,  moved back to Illinois to raise a family when he retired.

She and her husband initially chose his hometown, Cary, to put down roots.

As their family grew to five children, they moved to the neighboring town of Oakwood Hills.

She has a M.A. from George Washington University and a B.A. from the University of Illinois.


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