Judge Sullivan Continues Head of Circuit Court

Looks as if the courthouse tea leaf reader who suggested that 22nd Circuit Chief Judge Michael Sullivan might be retiring this year was wrong.

The following press release announces his continuation as Chief Judge for three more years.

Circuit Judge Michael J. Sullivan Reappointed as Chief Judge

At a recent meeting of the Circuit Judges of the Circuit Court of the 22nd Judicial Circuit, Circuit Judge Michael J. Sullivan was reappointed as the Chief Judge of the Circuit.

Chief Judge Michael Sullivan

Chief Judge Michael Sullivan

Judge Sullivan has been the Chief Judge since 2006 when McHenry County became its own circuit.

The Chief Judge is responsible for the overall administrative duties of the court, including; judicial
assignments, hours of operation of the court, fiscal management and court personnel.

Judge Sullivan was born on June 26, 1941, in Chicago, Illinois, and has lived most of his life in the Chicago suburbs in Kane and McHenry County.

He attended Marmion Military Academy in Aurora, Illinois. He received his B.A. degree in political science, magna cum laude, from Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, in 1963, and received his Juris Doctorate degree from the Notre Dame Law School in 1966.

Judge Sullivan has served as a judicial officer in Illinois for almost 39 years.

He was appointed as an Associate Judge of the 19th Judicial Circuit on December 6, 1976.

He was elected as a Resident Circuit Judge in McHenry County in 1984, an office that he has served to this date.

Judge Sullivan also served as Presiding Judge in McHenry County during the period of time from 1992 through 2002, while McHenry County was part of the 19th Judicial Circuit with Lake County.

Judge Sullivan is very active with the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts and the Illinois Supreme Court. Presently he serves as the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Conference of Chief Circuit Judges on Article V of the Illinois Supreme Court Rules. Judge Sullivan is also a member of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice.


Judge Sullivan Continues Head of Circuit Court — 3 Comments

  1. I was almost positive he wasn’t going anywhere soon.

    Two retirements are going to put a strain on the system until the new judges are chosen.

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