Township Opponents Gain Agenda Spot

The Township Consolidation Task Force will meet on Tuesday at the Administration Building.

Twp Consolidati Agenda 7-14-15
Of interest is that the McHenry County League of Women voters is on the agenda.

The Cook County League has consistently favored abolition of townships in Cook County.

Perhaps the League will provide what the proponents of consolidation have failed to present–a cost-benefit study showing how money will be saved.


Township Opponents Gain Agenda Spot — 13 Comments

  1. How can this task force have any credibility .

    It one sided with a majority of those wanting consolidation and then they put a group that fits their agenda on the the meeting.

    I would like to see where they have been coming up with their numbers.

  2. Items 5-7 are interesting.

    What old business, what reports and FUTURE TOPICS???

  3. Grumpy – it would be on a ballot. If you do not want consolidation, vote against it and encourage others.

  4. They need to produce numbers and facts that favor consolidation as viable.

    If the numbers show otherwise, it shouldn’t be put on the ballet which has it’s costs also.

    Bigger gov historically costs more, so I’ll be waiting for the waltz by it’s supporters.

  5. The consolidation study should list for each township whether or not it participates in the IMRF pension fund and if there are any unions present.

    Along with an analysis for any two townships for which a merger is studied, what is the likelihood the consolidation would result in the employers participating in IMRF or its employees joining a union.

    Have never seen a union present at a Township other than union contractors doing work at prevailing wage.

    Likely there are state laws that hinder township consolidation and the Township Officials of Illinois always seems to be against township consolidation.

  6. What is the likelihood that the County Board would send this to voters if the group cannot provide good and reliable numbers?

  7. Joe there is a big anti gov thing going on since the economy tanked in 2008, anything could happen.

    With Bob A and his lawyer now on the county board, ya man!

    IMO this whole deal is more about a power grab, not saving us a dime.

  8. Re: Post by ‘back at you’:

    Are you suggesting a waste of taxpayer dollars to place the question on the ballot?

    A waste of taxpayer dollars to have these ridiculous committee meetings?

    Since when is it appropriate to attach the opinions of a state lobbying group to a County Board agenda?

    Why was one political group given preferential treatment by the Committee Chairman?

    Be aware people, the chairman of this committee will apparently be running for State office!

  9. Mark, I don’t believe any townships contribute to IMRF, I thought they had their own township pension fund, I could be wrong about that.

    I don’t think any township employees are union, could be wrong there too.

    County and most cities have union workers in public works.

    I wonder if that’s what this is about, getting them into 150?

  10. Mrs some have IMRF no unions in this county.

    IMRF is 96% fully funded not part of state pension problems.

  11. Per 60 ILCS 1, this “process” is supposed to commence when “three-fourths or more of the voters residing in the territory petition for a new township” to the County.

    The methods of consolidation outlined in the statute are supposed to be chosen AFTER the County receives the above public petition to authorize them to act.

    Do Goettemoeller, Mike Shorten, and Donna Kurtz have such a petition?

    Or will they just ignore that section of state law and thereby leave themselves and McHenry County open to a potential lawsuit..?

  12. Algonquin Township, Chemung Township, Dorr Township, Grafton Township, Greenwood Township, Marengo Township, McHenry Township, Nunda Township, Richmond Township, Riley Township, & Seneca Township participate in the IMRF pension fund.

    Alden Township, Burton Township, Coral Township, Dunham Township, Hartland Township, & Hebron Township do not participate in the IMRF pension fund.

    IMRF has its share of problems.

    From the IMRF CAFR as of December 31, 2014.

    Actuarial Valuation Date: 12/31/2014.
    Actuarial Value of Assets (a): $29,657,308.
    Actuarial Accrued Liability (AAL) Entry Age (b): $37,394,275.
    Unfunded AAL (UAAL) (b-a): $7,736,967.
    Funded Ratio (a/b): 79.3%.
    Covered Payroll (c): $12,659,952.
    UAAL as a Percentage of Covered Payroll [(b-a)/c]: 61.1%.

  13. Since McHenry County has taken the “initiative” on “streamlining” local government, will they also be looking at consolidating McHenry County’s TWENTY-NINE villages and cities?

    Does it make sense to have THAT many in one County?

    And does anyone have the totals on their budgets, employees, and union contracts..?

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