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  1. Interesting, but where are the financials from the county as you had for the townships so people can make informed decisions.

  2. That is a LOT of appeals.

    That just shows 3 years, probably lots more.

    I am guessing people won a lot of these.

    If so, that would indicate a LOT of mistakes!!

  3. Property taxes are the most unfair tax according to Jefferson and I agree.

    Even if you managed to pay off your house if you miss a tax payment because of old age or loss of income they can take your house away.

    I also remember talking to Carol Perscke when she was township assessor and she said she would lower the taxes of the parcel when Dominicks moved out of McHenry even before the owner appealed, but they never lower homeowners’ taxes because the property lost value.

    You have to appeal it and might lose.

    Double standard.

  4. Huh? How can anyone know how many appeals for 2015?

    The assessments have not yet all been published and appeals are still coming in!

  5. Cal, are those numbers only residential, or is commercial, industrial, and rental properties also in those numbers?

    Without that differentiation, how can a numbers nuts make a really correct analogy?

    Also those numbers would help with the TWH Consolidation, owners of Com, Ind, and Ren all have a stake, not just residents of the county.

    What is the historical yearly average of appeals to property taxes in this county.

    How does historical yearly average of appeal in this county compare nation wide?

    You know after the last economic dealy when house prices doped big time, it was hard for the assessors to get values right because they kept changing.

    Remember also the gov agencies raise levies still want more than what they had last year, to H with real value.

    I’d call that extra political pressure wouldn’t you?

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