County Board Vice Chairman to Lose Extra Pay

Yvonne Barnes

Yvonne Barnes

The McHenry County Board’s Human Resources Committee will consider a resolution to eliminate the $5,000 in extra pay that the Vice Chairman (now a woman, Yvonne Barnes) gets.

Newly-elected members of the Board will receive $21,000 per year, plus be able to

participate in any or all of the benefit programs made available now or in the future, to all County employees including, but not limited to medical, dental, and vision plans subject to the same rates, benefit levels, rules and regulations established for County employees


may accept mileage reimbursement for attending County Board Meetings or County Board Committee meetings.


County Board Vice Chairman to Lose Extra Pay — 19 Comments

  1. Mileage reimbursement for attending the meetings I was elected to attend.


  2. Mileage reimbursement is an out and out perk.

    State law says it can be given but does not require it.

    Isn’t this the year the budget policy is to make a priority that which county government must do, not stuff that is optional?

    This is an opportunity for the board to lead by example and eliminate a perk which benefits only them.

  3. I would like to see who claims this reimbursement?

    Can anyone find out?

  4. 21K for NEWLY elected board members.

    When I ran a few years ago, I suggested setting board member salary at minimum wage times the max allowed hours per week to be considered part time (less than 15K per year), so I certainly don’t mind seeing the paycut.

    But de-incentivizing newcomers from running by lowering the salary while keeping current members’ salaries where they are seems to fall under the category of incumbent insurance.

    Unless I’m missing something?

  5. Maybe some kind of accounting for the time spent by the Chair, vice, and board members hours spent at various meeting they have to attend would be in order.

    They should go back to per meeting instead of flat rate like they now.

  6. Eliminate all benefits for elected offices! When one is elected, he / she is elected to SERVE the People, not get taxpayer funded healthcare and pensions!! I agree with paying per meeting to boost attendance at meetings but permit meeting attendance via telephone.

  7. Great for years the Vice Chair was a male and compensated, NOW a women was elected to the position and we look to cut her pay.


    “News Flash” Women are very capable, equal pay people!

  8. Mark, the amount of work required should determined the compensation.

    Do you have any proof that this change is about sexism?

    If so print it here, if not why introduce such nonsense?

  9. Nob…
    why introduce such nonsense?

    Equal pay is nonsense, really??

    If they vote to reduce $ then facts will speak for themselves!

  10. If you go back to per meeting pay you will see a number of committees increase their meetings.

    John Hammerand mentioned that in his forum presentation when he ran in the last election.

    Funny how priorities are set by compensation

  11. Mark you are Waltzing, where is the proof you have this would not have happened if a man was in that position at this time?

    Like I said before, the hours worked should determined the pay for that position.

    Apparently not much extra if the board is cutting the pay.

  12. For Mark:


    Apparently it is not legal to pay the Vice Chair extra.

    I want to know if those who were paid in the past will be forced to return the money!

  13. nob..

    Sorry I don’t Waltz.

    I’m not the one that insinuated the change in pay (Cal did), Its in the first Paragraph!

    I don’t need PROOF! have you ever heard of the word Perception?

    well my friend PERCEPTION is Reality!

    Regardless what job it is I will always stand up for womens rights to equal pay!

    my question to you is why arn’t you?

    Questioning.. Newsflash Knowone ever returns money!

  14. You introduced sexism with no proof, and now we know you were wrong in your ass-umption. Yup!

  15. I understand the complaints about Tax Payer money being wasted but I think everybody is looking in the wrong direction on this one.

    The Board members receive a Pension based on 1000 hours worked yearly doing T

  16. County work for the Tax Payer.

    If you spend a little time researching the hours they work, Board Meetings, Committee meetings etc none of them come close to the hours needed to get that Tax Payer funded pension credit.

    The best part is if you ask for a copy of the hours worked by the board members you get the answer of ” It is the Honor System “.

    I tracked one board members hours for the year 2013 and was floored to find out this person worked 187 HOURS TOTAL !!!!!

    We the tax payer paid this person for a 1000 hours pension for 187 hours worked.

    So multiply that by 24 Board Members yearly and probably this has been going on for years and WHOA WASTED TAX MONEY !!!!!!

    We have a board member who is off to Florida for 3 months a year and how does this person work that 1000 hours.

    1000 hours is 20 hours a week roughly and they don’t work that at all.

  17. Nice catch Democracy For All.

    Honor System only works with people that understand the meaning of honor.

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