Part 53 – Who’s Got What

McHenry Tax Payer’s for Fiscal Responsibility was started less than two months before school board elections.

It was formed on January 21, 2015, with the intent of helping candidates running for the McHenry High School District 156 School Board.

Organizers were

  • Joe Meyer
  • Mike Brown
  • Pam Brown

Identified contributions follow:

  • $1,500 – Buss Ford Lincoln
  • $1,000 – Gary Lang Auto Group
  • $500 – Scottco Inc.
  • $500 – Sunnyside Auto
  • $250 – Sheri Byers

An additional $1,070 was donated in amounts less than $150.

In all, the committee collected $5,045 through the week before school board elections.

A $650 “independent” expenditure was made in the form of an ad in the Northwest Herald.

$4,495 remained unspent a week before the April 7th school board election.

The committee support these candidates:

  • Steve Bellmore
  • Timothy Byers
  • Mike Lovitsch

The election results are below.  They show the following won:

  • Timothy Byers
  • Dawn Bremer
  • Steve Bellmore
Final election totals for the McHenry High School Board's April, 2015, election.

Final election totals for the McHenry High School Board’s April, 2015, election.

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