Skillicorn Calls for End to IL Planned Parenthood Subsidies

A press release from Allen Skillicorn, one of four candidates to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon:

Illinois Needs To End Planned Parenthood Medicaid Subsidies Now

East Dundee, IL – Allen Skillicorn, a Republican preparing to run for State Representative in the 66th District, calls on Illinois Department of Human Services officials to cancel Planned Parenthood Medicaid ties immediately.

Planned Parenthood is currently one of Illinois’ Medicaid providers.

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

After multiple videos documenting inappropriate and illegal sales of human body parts, Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid services need to be stopped.

Planned Parenthood operations need to be examined to see if similar practices have occurred in Illinois for criminal prosecution.

“Just watch the videos in entirety, the greed and depravity of human life is shocking.”

Skillicorn commented, “When Dr. Mary Gatter shamefully asked to be paid with an Italian Lamborghini super car in exchange for viable human body parts, I was physically nauseated.

“Planned Parenthood leadership does not represent the values and respect for human dignity of an organization worthy of Illinois taxpayer funding.”

Multiple videos of Planned Parenthood illegal and unethical practices are available on the Center of Medical Progress website –


Skillicorn Calls for End to IL Planned Parenthood Subsidies — 5 Comments

  1. Found this quote on another site, but it is apropos here:

    …”I cant agree enough that Americans are complicit in the murder of the aborted.

    Folks should be rioting in the streets against this.

    As you said – its crimes against humanity.

    not paying taxes is simply not enough.

    Tribunals should be held.

    All activities by these organizations should be suspended until investigation is complete and all funding stopped to this private organization entirely based solely on the implication.

    Anyone who says otherwise has refused to watch the videos or is an enemy of humanity.”…

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