Part 61 – Who’s Got What

Pam Palmer

Pam Palmer

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer has her campaign fund headquartered in Union, where she lives.

At the beginning of the year, she had $2,042.49 in her checking account.

She spent $550 during the first quarter.

$200 went to the Republican Party.

$300 went to Geri Davis for bookkeeping.

Subtract out another $50, which is not itemized, and one reaches the end of March balance–$1,532.49.

There was no activity during the second quarter of the year, so she still hasĀ $1,532.49.


Part 61 – Who’s Got What — 1 Comment

  1. Try again. Your figures are off.

    Using your figures (and my adding machine) her ending balance comes to $1,442.49.

    Total of $600 in debits to the account makes this simple to calculate.

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