Serwatka Rejects Pension, Health, Life Insurance

This Northwest Herald article reports Paul Serwatka will reject pension and other fringe benefits if elected to the Illinois House of Representatives.

This Northwest Herald article reports Paul Serwatka will reject pension and other fringe benefits if elected to the Illinois House of Representatives.

The Northwest Herald ran a front page article Saturday announcing Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka’s candidacy for State Representative.

Serwatka, East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn, West Dundee Village Trustee Dan Wilbrandt and McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield are all, as reported previously on McHenry County Blog, running to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon, who is retiring after having served ten years in the Illinois General Assembly.

The article says that Serwatka will reject “the pension and benefits that come with a seat in the General Assembly.”

I emailed him to inquire as to whether he meant both health benefits and life insurance.  (The latter used to be one year’s salary.)

He said he was rejecting both.

I have asked the other three candidates if they are going to accept pension, health and life insurance benefits.

Stay tuned for their answers.

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Almost immediately after I sent my question to the three candidates running for Tryon’s seat, Wilbrandt replied as follows:

“If elected, I would waive a pension, insurance, and life insurance/ benefits.

“I have been planning to do so all along.”


Serwatka Rejects Pension, Health, Life Insurance — 18 Comments

  1. Thank you Paul for setting the bar high relative to being responsible to the taxpayers.

  2. Isn’t Serwatka getting a lifetime pension from whatever Fire district he used to be employed by?

    Isn’t Serwatka also suing some gov’t agency (could be the same FD) for more money?

  3. Empty and stupid gesture if the rumors of Serwatka being on a disability pension are true.

  4. Rawdogger & Ted:

    Let me see if I’ve got this right: Serwatka works twelve years as a fireman, injures his back in the line of duty so severely that he can no longer do the job he loves, so severely that he can’t even lift his infant daughter out of her crib, and you’re going to make snide comments about his condition?


  5. Ted and rawdogger sound like attack dogs for the sitting Lakewood cabal.

    Wish I could vote for Serwatka.

  6. I simply asked a yes/no question. Is he or is he not getting a lifetime government pension from his job on the FD?

    Your answer confirms that yes, he is getting a lifetime government pension.

    Thank you for answering that question.

    Another yes/no question: has or is Serwatka currently suing some government entity?

    Cal, maybe this is something you can FOIA.

  7. Ted, you’ve been disparaging Serwatka since he ran to break-up the good ole boy network, on the Lakewood Village Board.

    And since his being elected, and exposing the deceptive, behind-the-scenes activities of the board, he’s been getting nothing but flack from board members.

    Which ever village board member you are, Here’s a novel idea.

    Why not just be honest and serve the people?

    Then you don’t have to worry about guys like Serwatka exposing you and your deceptions!

  8. Serwatka emailed me the following:

    “Cal, In response to accusations made by ‘Ted Smith’ on this article, I just wanted to confirm that I am NOT and have never sued any government agency.

    “That being said, I don’t understand what relevance a civil procedure would have on this campaign anyway.”

  9. Please provide an example of a disparaging remark to/about Mr. Serwatka.

    I am glad he ran for village trustee.

    I applaud anyone who is willing to give up their time and resources to serve the community.

    I will ask questions of candidates though, especially when seeking a higher office like State Representative.

  10. Ted: You claim to not have slurred Serwatka, yet in your initial comment, you insinuate that he is involved in litigation.

    He has subsequently denied that.

    Now, your comment, made in error either unintentionally or otherwise, has propagated an untruth.

    Once out there, short attention span theater will attach veracity to it.

    So sorry, but I call BS on you and your ilk.

  11. I had heard that Serwatka was involved in litigation.

    As opposed to simply believing what I have been told, I asked a question.

    How is one supposed to find out if they do no ask the question?

    A question is not an accusation.

    I appreciate Mr. Serwatka answering the question.

  12. What is Paul’s business experience?

    I don’t see how any voter can take any politician at their word these days and there is no way anyone endorsement matters.

    So he was a fire fighter, then what?

    I am sure he is a great guy etc, but where is his record beyond a TIF sportsplex that was a political softball/slow pitch up the middle.

    I think Skillikorn is a bit radical so I am interested in how this guy or the other candidates can build a consensus sonewhere to get anything at all (meaningful) done in Springfield.

  13. I am glad to see Paul Serwatka Leading the way.

    He is setting the standard and Dragging the other Candidate with him even if they do not want to go.

    Like The Governor Serwatka understands that the People are tired of those that want to Biuld Consences so they can get things Done. For years Springfield has been getting things Done, they have been getting it done WRONG!!

    Serwatka is a proven leader that is fighting for the Future of our state.

    He is Fighting for the People of the 66th Districtand he is Leading the with his actions not just political stunts, and talking points.

    Go Paul Win and Take Back Illinois for the RIGHT reasons.

    Keep Leading and They will Keep Following Your Lead.

    Lead we are RIGHT behind you.

  14. I love the attacks on Paul the Guy hurst his back and is Disabled serving the community and putting his life and health on the line and some for Personal and Political reasons want to Attack Him.

    My Father in-law is a retired Fire Fighter he went through a Roof and injured his shoulders and elbow.

    He was forced to retire on Disability after over 30 years.

    We need to honor their sacrifice not spit on them over Politics.

    I want Men And Women that are willing to Sacrifice for the good and SAFTY of others.

    This is what makes it easier to sleep at night knowing People Like my Father in-law and Paul Serwatka are serving us and protecting all of Us.

  15. Eric The Governor is not Biulding Consensus he is LEADING to reform the political machine that has chased Jobs out of Illinois and put us in Financial Ruin.

    That is not the kind of State Rep. We need in Soringfield we have enough of those. We have enough Reps.

    That talk one way for the cameras and then vote the other for the special interests.

    We need real Leaders not Politial go alongs.

  16. Look how well the reforms are taking hold Ted.

    The conversation has now polarized people against each other.

    We are now farther apart then we we ever have been.

    What meaningful change has taken place?

    A lot of talk, but little action.

    Something to think about when we are all bobcat hunting this fall.

  17. Paul is disabled from doing the work as a Firefighter but he can sure do other things like leading the way to better government.

    You go Paul

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