Health Department Finds Way to Save $900,000

Mike Hill

Mike Hill

The new Administrator of the McHenry County Health Department, Michael Hill, has found a way to save $900,000.

Last week the Finance Committee gave its approval to the idea.

Here’s the explanation of how the money will be saved:

Grant funding received by the Health Department to provide many different services no longer funds the full cost of several positions within the health department.

Over the years, positions were retained within the department and the cost of most benefits and some salaries were shifted to the county’s general fund which was never the intent of the board when these positions were created.

This requested action is correcting this situation.

Additionally, a decreased need for some services (within the Nursing Division) and further decreases in grant funding make these changes necessary in order to provide services to the community while minimizing the impact to the local taxpayers.


Health Department Finds Way to Save $900,000 — 4 Comments

  1. Congratulations Mr. Hill on being concerned for the taxpayers.

    The County took money from Federal government grants and used it in the general fund instead of not using it, returning it to Federal Government, or giving taxpayers a decrease in taxes, so I think we need more people who guard the taxpayer.

    I am not a conservative but I am fiscally conservative as is everyone else who pays taxes and I don’t think we need to raise taxes just get the cheating and fraud and mismanaged money in order.

  2. The Mrs.?

    karma knows lots of stuff that is simply just not true.

    Try not to disturb their cognitive dissonance with facts.

  3. What karma has wrong is that grant money was not put in the general fund.

    When grant money was lost, the general fund covered grant supported positions instead of losing those positions.

    Now the positions have been eliminated so the general fund no longer supports those positions.

    You can read the full meeting minutes if you’re so inclined.

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