Serwatka, Wilbrandt & Skillicorn Say No to Pension & Health Benefits; Schofield Undecided

Paul Serwatka

Paul Serwatka

Saturday in the Northwest Herald, Paul Serwatka, running to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon, along with three others, started it out.

He announced that he would not accept a pension or health benefits, if he won the election.

Saturday, I emailed the other three candidates asking if they would do about pension, health and life insurance benefits. (I also asked Serwatka about life insurance, which was not include in the NWH article.) I set a deadline of 3 PM Monday.

Dan Wilbrandt

Dan Wilbrandt

Right after I sent the email, West Dundee Village Board member Dan Wilbrandt replied,

“If elected, I would waive a pension, insurance, and life insurance/ benefits.

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

“I have been planning to do so all along.”

East Dundee Village Board member Allen Skillicorn wrote:

“I plan to turn down the pension and pay for my own health insurance.”

Here’s some of what Carolyn Schofield wrote in more than one email:

Carolyn Schofield

Carolyn Schofield

“I have not had time to familiarize myself with the benefits you are referring to or even give it thought.”Currently, I receive healthcare benefits through my husband’s work and anticipate that I would continue to do so…

“I really am not familiar with any of the benefits at this point.

“I never even knew there was life insurance and I do not know what the pension is either.

“Obviously that is not why I am running.

“I am also one that does not like to speak unless I know all of the facts.

“This would be an area that I do not know all of the facts.

“Sorry I just do not have a better answer at this point.”


Serwatka, Wilbrandt & Skillicorn Say No to Pension & Health Benefits; Schofield Undecided — 13 Comments

  1. Would you need to know ALL the facts to know if you were going to take a pension?

    What kind of facts would help you make that decision?

    How could she NOT know that there was a pension related to the job???


    With all the talk about pensions in this state, she’s either an idiot, or lying.

    What else does she ‘not know’?

  2. How can she not be sure if she does not know the answer to this simple question HOW in the world can we Trust her to have the right Andwer to solve the difficult problems in Springfield.

    Even more proof that we need true Conservitive Leadership in the 66th District.

  3. Can someone confirm whether Serwatka would be eligible for another pension on top of his alleged disability pension?

    If he’s already on the dole, it’s a stupid gesture for him to publicly turn down a second, completely overlapping dole.

  4. Hey Rawdogger first he would be able to receive a Second Pension that is why he made it clear he is not taken the pension life insurance, and health coverage

    Second, A LLEDGE Disability that is bold let me ask you if it was you or your family member in the car crash that Serwatka was responding to at the time of his Disability would you still be disrespectful.

    Would you still put someone’s health and well being second to your political agenda.

    I am glad I was able to answer your Question.

    I would ask you to please reach out and thank a Fireman next time you have the opportunity.

  5. Well, Conservative Ted, let’s do this.

    If someone applies for social security disability, they have to prove that they are physically incapable of doing any other work to get a 100% award, whether or not that work is in their field.

    And that’s how it should be–the public should not be paying for 100% of your lifestyle unless you are 100% incapable of supporting yourself.

    But, the greedy union pigs have perverted this reasonable rule.

    Even if you’re capable of doing other work, which Mr. Serwatka certainly is capable of doing, you still get your full firefighter pension AND have the state’s blessing to take a second job e.g. as a real estate broker.

    This is a busted system, but no one is brave enough to speak out against it because the police and fire unions will play the “hero” card and grind you into the ground for daring to speak out.

    Serwatka is a conservative, small government, tea partier of some sort, but just like all of the other greedy pigs, he lined up at the trough to gorge himself on the public dime.

    Then he turns around and hypocritically talks about making government smaller.

    I have little respect for the government pigs out there like Bob Miller who enrich themselves and their families through government.

    But I have more respect for a guy like Bob Miller because at least he isn’t a hypocrite.

    He doesn’t preach about making government smaller while taking advantage of the most egregious benefits.

    That $100k Paul dumped into his campaign, where do you think it came from?

    Do you think you could chip in that kind of money if you weren’t in a three income household (her job, his job, and his pension)?

    But this is something we should all stand up and clap for, right?

    This is why Serwatka is a joke.

  6. That is, of course, if Paul Serwatka is actually on a disability pension.

    My sincerest apologies if I am mistaken about that fact.

  7. Rawdogger that sounds a lot like those who game the system by working in one state, pull a pension, then carpet bag here and pull yet another from Illinois only to go back to another state to live thus exporting those dollars right out of the economy.

    I have seen this first hand.

    These are non union employees who are doing this BTW.

  8. Rawdog assumes that everyone in Serwatka’s predicament as a disabled fire fighter … as able to redefine his career as Paul was…(some will some won’t)….

    They deserve equal treatment though…right?

    ….taking care of firefighters who protect us who have been disabled…in ther line of duty..

    hell yes! I will pay for that as a taxpayer….

  9. Jeff,

    The social security system works poorly, but it’s infinitely better than the alternative of giving every disabled firefighter a full pension for life.

    With social security, you have a hearing about your ability to take different work, and if you can take a different-but-less-lucrative position you only get a partial award.


    next time your house is on fire or you need a paramedic then why don’t you call someone else because why should they risk their well-being if you don’t support their efforts, it’s what us taxpayers pay for protection.

    Your comment that even though the sss system is poor it’s “BETTER THAN GIVING EVERY DISABLED FIREFIGHTER A FULL PENSION FOR LIFE.”

    They put their lives on the line every single day and you don’t think they should get a full pension if disabled in the line of duty???

    I suppose you think that our disabled military should not receive compensation either!

    Shame on you.

    Do you even understand that there is a physical REQUIREMENT for firefighters to remain on active duty?

    If they cannot perform this requirement then they CAN be declared disabled, the process is very strict.

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