Countywide Electives To Be Paid $104,750

The McHenry County Board will set salaries for all the countywide officials up for election this fall except the State’s Attorney.

$104,750 is what the following will be paid each year of their term:

  • County Auditor
  • Circuit Clerk
  • Coroner
  • Recorder of Deeds

The County Board Chairman will receive¬†$82,200…unless he/she also runs and wins a district seat.

In that case, that person will get $21,000 for being a regular member of the County Board, plus an extra $61,200 for being the countywide elected Board Chairman.

None of those elected at large will receive raises during their four year terms.

The State’s Attorney’s salary is set by state law.


Countywide Electives To Be Paid $104,750 — 5 Comments

  1. In the NWH, Dist 47: Hinz, who has been with the district since 1996, was officially hired as superintendent in January 2014 at a salary of $173,000 and will receive her first raise under this new contract, increasing her salary 2.4 percent to $177,150.

    The contract also allots her 25 vacation days, two personal days, 12 sick days, $250 a month for an automobile allowance and up to $150 a month in cellphone

  2. We need unions for the private workers to bring the standard of living up.

    Superintendents may not belong to unions but they gave Dist 47 the same benefits as teachers

  3. My experience has been, that unions drive up the costs we pay for teachers, and while some admin says they don’t like unions, they us them to drive up their own wages.

    Catch 22.

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