Possible New Tax Rates Under Township Consolidation

Commenter Susan has done the math and come up with what new tax rates would be under Township Consolidation Map 1, which you can see below:

One proposed consolidation or townships.

One proposed consolidation or townships.

Combined new tax rates Scenario 1:


(5849371+1974424)/(2216018165+1268158440)= .002245522 (that is, $225 per $100,000 of EAV)


(1933393+4426875)/(465554463+1006240013)= .004321


(5204539+1481114)/(981091035+224391823)= .005546


(347958+ 781998+297092)/(52002033+187456141+118894232)= .005301


(284047+408125)/(47154160+66020609)= .006116


(406215+433699)/(115821373+86497512)= .004151


(699824+472401)/(98291884+59760266)= .007417


(756016+431996)/(119000457+70674368)= .006263

Here are Township Levy/EAV for data presented above (all based upon data presented by fact finding committee and published here):

  • Algonquin: .002639
  • Grafton: .001557
  • Nunda: .004399
  • Greenwood: .006601
  • McHenry: .005304
  • Dorr .004153
  • Richmond: .004172
  • Chemung: .007120
  • Dunham: .007905
  • Hartland: .006182
  • Alden: .006024
  • Marengo: .006353
  • Coral: .003507
  • Riley: .006112
  • Seneca: .005014
  • Hebron: .006691
  • Burton: .002499

(These are current tax rates suggested by figures presented in data above. If consolidation occurs, the lower tax rate township will pay more, the higher tax rate township will pay less.)


Possible New Tax Rates Under Township Consolidation — 5 Comments

  1. Winners and losers?

    Na when gov changes things in the names of savings, everybody’s taxes goes up.

  2. Burton Township more than doubles!

    Tell me again why I would want this?

  3. Did Joe Gottemoller create the Consolidation Task Force without Board input based only on a request from Anderson and Shorten?

    Were there others involved in the request?

    If it was created at the request of only two taxpayers, can I get someone else to join me in requesting that Gottemoller create a task force to place a referendum on the ballot to consolidate Boone and McHenry Counties?

  4. Could you put the population of each township next to their current Levy/Eav

  5. I’ve discovered a math error and I am truly sorry.

    The combined new rate for Hebron-Richmond-Burton under scenario 1 would be .00398, NOT .0053 as stated above.

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