Duffy Endorses McConchie

A press release from State Senator Dan Duffy::

Senator Dan Duffy Endorses Dan McConchie for State Representative in 51st District

LAKE BARRINGTON, August 27, 2015 – Senator Dan Duffy announced today that he is endorsing Dan McConchie for state representative in House District 51. Duffy, the conservative Senator whose district includes House Districts 51 and 52, was first elected to office in 2009 and was overwhelmingly re-elected in 2012.

Dan Duffy

Dan Duffy

“Dan McConchie is the clear choice to be our new state representative in the 51st District,” Duffy stated.

“His extensive state legislative experience, grasp of the issues facing Illinois, and lifelong conservative values make him a perfect fit for our district.

“He has the courage to fight the status quo, and we desperately need his unique problem solving ability down in Springfield.  Unlike the other candidate in this race, Dan will not ‘go along to get along.’

“Dan will be an outspoken advocate for our district and fight to make Governor Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda a reality.”

In regards to the other announced candidate in the race, Duffy said,

“I am perplexed and confused to hear another candidate in this race who claims to have Governor Rauner’s endorsement and support.

“There is no ‘anointed candidate’ in this race.

“The Senate district I represent encompasses this House district and at no time did Governor Rauner, or anybody on his staff, tell me that they support any specific candidate.”

Duffy asked,

“Why would Governor Rauner get involved in a Republican primary, in a solid Republican district, when he has his hands full working with the Democrats who hold supermajorities in both the House and the Senate?”

Duffy continued,

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

“Governor Rauner opposed entrenched career politicians when he ran for office and that was one of the reasons why I was the first legislator in the Illinois General Assembly to support his campaign.

“Dan McConchie is also an intelligent man of integrity who is running against an entrenched local politician, and I fully support Dan.”

In 2012, Senator Duffy was one of the only elected officials who backed David McSweeney over the establishment choice Kent Gaffney for state representative in House District 52.

Duffy’s support was key in propelling McSweeney to a six-point victory in a three-way race.

To reach Senator Duffy, call 847-312-4764.

To learn more about Dan McConchie, visit Dan4Illinois.com or call 847-796-0395.

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The other candidate in the GOP primary is Lake County Board member


Duffy Endorses McConchie — 1 Comment

  1. Major bonus points for McConchie listing “Pension Reform” first on “The Issues” section of his website.


    The other candidate Nick Sauer has no “Issues” page on his website yet.


    It will be interesting to see how Sauer addresses pensions as he was on the Barrington District 220 School Board and is on the Lake County Forest Preserve Board.

    Teacher and administrator pensions (TRS & CTPF), and their salaries (final average salary is part of the pension formula) are the #1 single biggest fiscal problem in the state of Illinois today.

    County employees are in the IMRF pension fund, which is better funded in large part because it forces employers, and not the state, to make near full contributions on an annual basis.

    Board members typically say they don’t set the pension fund benefits, rather, the state legislators and Governors set pension fund benefits.

    That’s true, but Board members do approve salary hikes (which hike pensions), and board members while they are in office are rarely vocal advocates for pension reform, especially school board members (Sauer is no longer a school board member).

    As a side note, Governor Rauner has offered in negotiations with Chicago for the state to “pick up” some of the Chicago School Board’s contribution to the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund.

    That would be a mistake, because the employer not being responsible for the pension contribution is one of the problems that caused TRS to be underfunded, because the employer is tempted to play various games to hike final average salary, such as end of career salary hikes, hiking the number of sick days granted to employees (which can be redeemed at ending salary or applied to years of service credit), etc.

    And as has been mentioned hundreds of times, hiking the salary, hikes the pension.

    With that said both seem to be pretty good candidates.

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