McConchie Rally at Walsh Barn

Don McConchie spekes to Saturday afternoon crowd at Joe Walsh's barn.

Don McConchie speaks to Saturday afternoon crowd at Joe Walsh’s barn.

Dan McConchie spoke to about 200 people at former Congressman Joe Walsh’s barn Saturday afternoon.

They filled the barn yesterday, helping McConchie launch his campaign for State Rep in Illinois’ 51st District.

McConchie is running to replace State Rep. Ed Sullivan, who is retiring.

Joe Walsh revved up the crowd.

Joe Walsh revved up the crowd.

He is running against the Republican Party bosses “anointed” candidate, Nick Sauer, according to Walsh.

Don McConchie, his wife and Joe Walsh.

Don McConchie, Walsh Freedom’s Barb Babbey and Joe Walsh.

McConchie made clear yesterday that the days of the Party bosses anointing candidates are over.

“The people of the 51st District, not the establishment, should pick their next representative,” he said.

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Just got a press release from the campaign, which follows:

Dan McConchie Launches State Representative Race Before Large Crowd

MUNDELEIN, August 30, 2015 – Dan McConchie held a campaign launch rally for his race to become the next state representative of the 51st district yesterday before an estimated crowd of 200 people.

The crowd that heard Don McConchie from above.

The crowd that heard Don McConchie from above.

It was held at the home of former Congressman Joe Walsh who is a constituent of the district and has already publicly endorsed McConchie along with the area’s senator, Dan Duffy.

A close-up of some of the crowd that attended Don McConchie's announcement for State Representative.

A close-up of some of the crowd that attended Don McConchie’s announcement for State Representative.

Many of the attendees took petition packets vowing to help get McConchie on the ballot.

McConchie Walsh Standing 8-29-15During his speech, Dan McConchie told the crowd of his background, including his legislative work in states across the country, how he joined the Army National Guard on his 17th birthday in order to serve his country, and how he started two businesses before he graduated college.

McConchie said was inspired to run because he recognized that his unique problem-solving skill set would be valuable in helping solve the current Springfield dysfunction and wanted to ensure his kids didn’t inherit the fiscal mess currently facing the state.

“I am not a career politician,” McConchie said to resounding applause.

“I won’t simply be a vote in the right column. I will be an advocate for our shared
principles…the principles that made our country strong.”

McConchie said that the state’s fiscal crisis was his top priority.

“We must fix our pension crisis and balance our budget.

“It is immoral for us to borrow from our children’s future and saddle them with a debt because we spent all the money on ourselves.”

Petition signature collection begins on September 1.

Illinois’ 51st district is in the northwest Chicago suburbs and includes Barrington, Deer Park, Green Oaks, Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, Long Grove, Mundelein and Vernon Hills.

For more information about Dan McConchie, visit or call

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