Strip Joint Regulation

There aren’t any strip joints in McHenry County right now, but note was made during the Unified Development Ordinance debate by Wonder Lake’s John Hammerand that it language was not good enough.

The billboard for Blackjacks on Route 14.

Billboards like this have disappeared from McHenry County highways.

Deputy County Administrator Scott Hartman brought up the subject of specific “Adult Use” licensing at Monday’s meeting of the Law and Justice Committee.

“It’s going to end up in court,” Ken Koehler observed.

“A Federal Court,” Mike Walkup added.

“I think it is a good idea in many respects, but I think it has a downside,” Koehler continued.

It would “invite” something we don’t want.

Hartman pointed out that the County would be “creating a road map” with such an ordinance, but “absent something like this we can’t ask for a background check.”

Koehler noted that “the biggest reason these folks would not consider McHenry County is because [they] can’t serve liquor.

“I see some sharpy from Los Vegas come in and make money on a lawsuit,” he said.

Chairwoman Sue Draffkorn was worried about human trafficking.

Hartman suggested an ordinance would help “eliminate adult use facilities as a venue for human trafficking” because “identification of all employees would be required.

“[The county] can check whenever we want.”

He added that “a license gives the McHenry County Sheriff a bigger role.”

Koehler related a story about a Sheriff’s Deputy who was given $1,000 to go undercover in a strip joint.

“They went in and supposedly bought beer and poured it down a toilet–what a waste!

“Then, he managed to get himself handcuffed to the striper pole…and they weren’t even his.”

John Jung added something about a place in District 6 that burned down, but I didn’t catch the details.

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