“Moral Response to Climate Change” Meeting Tonight

From the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:

A Moral Response to Climate Change

Resurrection Catholic Church mqpThursday, September 3, 2015    6:30 – 8pm

Where: Resurrection Catholic Church, 2918 S. Country Club Rd, Woodstock (1.5 miles north of Ridgefield, IL)

No Cost, all are welcome!

TO REGISTER, please call 815-338-7330 or online at www.resurrectioncatholic.church

Where does your faith call you to be, on the protection and sustainability of God’s creation?

A Moral Response to Climate Change is a presentation of moral/social teachings with references to Pope Francis’s encyclical, the science documenting climate change, and the impact it has had on our planet and its people.

The presenter, Steve Coleman, is a lay Catholic educator who has spent several years studying environmental science, climate change, and teachings on the care of creation.

And though it will not be the focus of the presentation, Steve Coleman’s family lives totally off the grid.

The speaker will discuss solutions on how we can all put our faith into action by becoming better stewards of God’s creation earth, our common home.

The Defenders’ Education Committee and the Citizens Climate Lobby are both a part of this event.


“Moral Response to Climate Change” Meeting Tonight — 29 Comments

  1. How may someone have a “moral response” to a condition that does not exist?

  2. That’s what I thought.

    But upon reading further maybe this was titled wrong.

    Not sure what this man’s stance is but anything that recognizes the Pope as anything but a dangerous charlatan can’t be real good.

  3. The fun thing about science is that it exists – regardless of your opinion.

    Hope some of you deniers attend he forum and learn something instead of insulating yourself in a warm blanket of confirmation bias.

  4. The American Catholic bishops are against Pope Francis decree on climate change because the Catholic Church has big investments in oil companies.

    hame on putting money before God and God made the earth and doesn’t want us to abuse it.

    If there is no climate change why did 50% of animal species become extinct in the last 10-20 years?

    Why are so many born with chronic ailments?

    Why do companies that pollute pay a fine that is a fraction of the cost to humans who look to the government for handouts and then we complain about the government.

    These businesses and people who pollute should be held accountable for how it affects other people.

  5. karma strikes again Of the 44,838 species assessed worldwide using the IUCN Red List criteria, 905 are extinct and 16,928 are listed as threatened to be extinct.

    I’m not a math major but I don’t think that’s anywhere near 50%

  6. In reply to all the “true believers” How can anyone believe any Obama administration proclamation?

    The examples are too numerous to list.

    Climate change is a money grubbing political – NOT SCIENTIFIC – issue.

    Can you spell carbon tax?

    Just follow the money to the United Nations, they simply love U.S. taxpayers dollars and want more to further their socialist agenda.

  7. If you tell a LIE loud enough and long enough, the low-info sheeple will believe it.

    Such is the case with anthropogenic global warming / cooling / climate change.

  8. Love how it’s now “climate change” when forever it was Global Warming.

    Another attempt by the left to revive one of their bankrupt theories.

    Communism didn’t work too well either the first time around, but Obama, Hillary, and Bernie will not be detered!

  9. Well Cindy it is the Koch Bros and other billionaires who use their vast money to buy congress and politicians to make rules that they like over public health.

    The Republican controlled Supreme Court issued Citizens United which say money equals speech which means us peones don’t have a voice.

  10. Well if I am using fuzzy math did you call old man Bush out on new taxes read my lips, or Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld who said the Iraq war would be paid for by others, or politicians in McHenry County who say they are fine outstanding republicans who are fiscally conservative but we have one of the top 10 property taxes in USA?

  11. Top 30, not top 10 and most of that is because of school taxes.

    Please remember that school boards are usually tilted more toward teachers than taxpayers.

    It is very had to convince someone who considers the taxpayer first to run for school board.

  12. I would suggest to all who think money plays too large a role in politics that it costs nothing to run for Republican or Democratic Precinct Committeeman.

  13. Yeah and the climate changed from last week cool to this week hotter than the devil’s a$$crack.

    So what.

    Climate is cyclical.

    The Progressives want to sell us out to the highest bidder, and the churches have been threatened to comply with ‘the progressive climate change message’ (and other Progressive leanings) or they will be denied Green initiative Grants.

    Now you know the real story.

  14. karma still thinks there are good guys and bad guys in government.

    Truth is, they are ALL evil.

    Stop trying to divide everyone with your partisan politics. Open your eyes and check out the truth.

    People are way past the days of what you are trying to foist upon us.

    Only head-in-the-sand folks still believe any of that claptrap.

  15. Right Cindy.

    Karma don’t forget about all the Hollywood do gooders and Michael Bloomberg affecting races out of their districts.

    The only real hope for IL and America is true election reform

  16. The Pope is asking that we bd good stewards of the earth.

    Whether or not you believe in climate change or not is besides the point.

    Being a good steward is also recognizing ways go conserve resources and reduce environments impact such as pollution. Not just from oil, coal, fracking etc but waste and dumping and

  17. What a laugh to read all of your pseudo-intellectual remarks …Cindy and the mrs win the award for the day.

    What a sad world you two unhappy people live in to think that “everyone” In government is “evil.”

    And I thought Ursel was the only one suffering from paranoia.

  18. If burning fossil fuel creates carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, and we know greenhouse gasses raise temperatures, then doesn’t it seem logical that burning fossil fuel contributes to warming?

  19. kate is right about good stewards.

    Too bad your government didn’t get that memo.

    They poison us daily like lab rats.

    Very sad for watcher and Joe.

    Hope you are right with God because it’s going to get really bad if you are not.

    lol Rereading your comment watcher; and you really do think you have all the answers. lol

  20. Cindy no one has all the answers.

    I do know that the God you keep threatening people with in your posts is not the God that I believe in.

    Then I would be as sad as you.

  21. So did anyone attend this social justice, sustainable development, environmental, agenda 21 meeting?

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