Joe Walsh Show in CL Tonight Supporting Police

Walsh 6 days for blueFormer Congressman and WIND talk show host Joe Walsh has on his web site that he will be at Pablo’s in Crystal Lake tonight from 5 to 7

To encourage communities all across the Chicagoland area to stand with our police officers.

He will be broadcasting his Joe Walsh Show live from the Route 14 restaurant.

“You are welcome to come out and watch Joe Walsh live and show your support for our men and women in blue. Wednesday, September 9 Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant 230 Virginia Rd Crystal Lake, IL.”

“In addition,” the web site continues, “over the weekend, we are sponsoring two opportunities to stand with our police.

  • “On Saturday, September 12, we will hold an ‘All Lives Matter Rally’ in Elgin, and
  • “on Sunday, September 13, we will be marching in the Johnsburg Saufen und Spiel Parade for our men and women in blue.
Supporters of Joe Walsh in Crystal Lake's Independence Day Parade.

Supporters of Joe Walsh in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade.

“Join us!

“Show your support for cops.”


Joe Walsh Show in CL Tonight Supporting Police — 3 Comments

  1. I think it is great that Joe Walsh is supporting our police – especially in light of the evil attacks made on innocent officers doing their job in the past year. It’s a shame our President hasn’t done the same by supporting our Police.

    I would suggest, Mr. Walsh, of all the cities you chose to support the police, Crystal Lake is probably the WORST location. The CLPD has not been a department whose record should be supported.

    Spring Grove? Cary? Barrington? Great. Crystal Lake – bad choice.

  2. Agree Skeptic, but it was a show of support for ALL law enforcement.

    He’s visiting 6 counties in 6 nights and Crystal Lake is centrally located within McHenry County.

    What a great night to be in a cafe setting.

  3. Didn’t Walsh and his ppl do something similar at the parade?

    Lake county pd should DNA swab all their ppl especially since Walsh’s election HQ was right by the scene in downtown fox lake!

    Will Skillikorn finally walk back his lack of support for traffic cameras?

    Sounds like they could have used a few more up there.

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