Joe Tirio Announces for Recorder

Businessman Joe Tirio has sent a press release announcing his candidacy for McHenry County Reocrder of Deeds.

He enters a two-woman race between former McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill and former Nunda Township Trustee Joni Smith.

Below is Tirio’s press release:

Former Abbott Director and Local Businessman Joins the Race for McHenry County Recorder

WOODSTOCK, IL – As reported on the McHenry County Blog, Joe Tirio and his wife were seen seeking petition signatures at the Republican party fundraiser on September 10th for Joe’s race for the County Recorder’s seat.

“All too often, county positions like this one go to

  • the better connected
  • better funded
  • more successful campaigner.

“The problem with that is that none of those attributes have anything to do with a person’s ability to run a successful operation.”, said Tirio,

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio

“I come to the table with a history of leadership working with and for some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

“I’ve led literally thousands of employees through good times and bad. I’ve led them through mergers, office closings, regulatory changes, natural disasters and budget reductions.

“The state and county will be faced with challenging times in the months and years ahead. We need leaders with experience and integrity to lead the county through these challenges.”

When he wins the race, Joe will target reduced operating costs, improved service and will implement policies for ethical hiring and management.

“Nepotism and patronage hiring and employment are an insult to the taxpayers of McHenry County.

“I promise that I will never hire a relative and commit to only hiring the most qualified person for the job, regardless of their political connections. I challenge my opponents to make the same promise.”

To further illustrate his conviction to eliminate nepotism and patronage, Joe launched his campaign website with the domain name “”.

About Joe Tirio

Born in Chicago and raised primarily in the western suburbs, Joe lives with his Wife, Karen in Woodstock where he has lived for the last 12 years. He and his wife currently own Monarch Senior Care, located in Woodstock just off the cit’s historic square. Joe is also the co-founder of Voters In Action (, a citizen activist group focused on increasing public involvement in government with an eye toward reducing taxes and corruption.

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Tirio’s wife is Karen Tirio. She got more votes than anyone else when she ran for the McHenry County College Board this past spring.


Joe Tirio Announces for Recorder — 16 Comments

  1. This is a man that can do the job right!! NOT a political insider.

  2. Refreshingly not a house-hold political name and with legitimate qualifications as well.

    Consider me intrigued.

  3. Yes! Go Joe Tirio!! Let’s get TIna Hill off the tax payer trough!

  4. Sure- not political insiders- she is an elected official and he was working a Republican event.

    Sure just your average Joe.

  5. 12 years in the county, sounds like allot of others that move here, think they know it all, get elected, then move out and retire somewhere else after the damage is complete.

  6. Irish, Tirio’s wife’s a public servant who works for free, that’s not a political insider sucking off the teet of the taxpayers. (and she’s lived here all her life)

    On the other hand you have Hill, who’s been a politician since her 20’s when her Good Ol’ Boy dad got her into politics, and her ‘position’ got her off easy on her drunk driving charge, while going to rehab on YOU and me, the taxpayers.

    And then you have Smith who’s daughter’s on the payroll at the recorders office.

    Can you say nepotism?

    I’ll take a Director from Abbott etc etc any day over the two females “Dumb and Dumber” LOL

  7. I’ve known Joe for a dozen years, and I can tell you that you won’t find a more honest, hard working, and knowledgable man.

    He isn’t in politics as a career.

    He is in it to make government better, more efficient, and more transparent.

  8. I have know Joe and Karen for quite some time and you couldn’t find better people.

    They do a great deal of work as volunteers trying to improve issues for the tax payer.

    Joe has my vote and I look forward to supporting his campaign in my precinct.

  9. Jeebus you really have no idea what the heck you are talking about.

    Your ignorant comments should indicate to readers who see your name that you’re just a rumor monger.

    Hill pled guilty to dui that’s hardly getting off easy and Smith herself works at the Recorders office not her daughter.

    Ignorance is certainly not in short supply with your posts

  10. LOL read it again, CL. I know exactly what I’m talking about.

    I don’t care that Hill plead guilty.

    She still got off easier than anyone else would have.

    Rehab on the taxpayers and a fine.


    That wouldn’t be the end of it if it were you or me!

    Smith’s daughters’ working for the recorders office!

    Mommy got her a job.



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