Johnsburg Murder by Intimidation Conviction Reversed

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s criminal case against Mario Casciaro has been overturned by the 2nd Appellate Court.

The 2013 conviction for murder by intimidation led to a prison sentence of 26 years.

It was the second prosecution of the man involving the 2002 Johnsburg disappearance of 17-year old Brian Carrick.

The Court concluded,

We have minutely examined the evidence in the present case and are constrained to hold that no rational trier of fact could have found that the State proved the predicate forcible felony of intimidation beyond a reasonable doubt

You can find the entire opinion here.


Johnsburg Murder by Intimidation Conviction Reversed — 12 Comments

  1. Such a sad story on so many levels.

    That prosecution seems to have been a mess on multiple levels.

  2. Remember that after Shane Lamb received the “Deal of the Century” he went on to commit more felonies including the theft and sale of firearms which were then used in more crimes.

    I don’t know if McHenry County could be legally on the hook for these actions but I would have to say that those who let the admitted killer of Brain Carrick walk are morally responsible at the very least.

    Lou Bianchi has a very dangerous prosecutor that he needs to let go ASAP.

  3. Cindy:

    Your drug dealer is back in business. With a new location in Lake County.

    Death pays, just ask his Papa.

  4. Do you realize what you just said publicly is actually liable and I could sue you, Mr. Charles Nelson.

    I demand a retraction of your actionable words and a public apology!

  5. I apologize to Cal for being so angry that I used the wrong word.

    Libel, is of course what I meant to say.

    Mr. Nelson needs to make amends before my attorney has to address you because of his careless post.

  6. I agree with Cindy on this one.

    Shane Lamb is the responsible one who keeps getting into trouble with the law.

    Either way they ruined Casciaro’s reputation, some of his business, and psychologically scarred.

    He paid for selling drugs and he was a kid.

    If they appeal lit will only cost McHenry taxpayers more money and Carrick will still probably not be found.

  7. Mr. Nelson you had better pay attention. You are in very real danger of being sued. I need an immediate apology for your libelous attack of my character.

  8. Mic Combs is a lazy, incompetent, government “appointed” employee.

    The problem is Bianchi hired him.

    4 years ago there was a triple homicide at the Feldcamp residence on Somerset Drive in Marengo.

    Scott Feldcamp murdered his parents and then picked up my son and brought him back to the house and murdered him to cover up the crime.

    The crime was never investigated because Sheriff Nygren, who was in Florida at the time, didn’t want to waste his time.

    He was too busy making money buying bankrupt properties.

    We had three separate private investigators that have irrefutable proof that the crime that was never investigated did not occur as Nygren stated in his press conference.

    We had the opportunity to meet with Bianchi & Combs with Jackie Feldcamp, Scott’s sister who was also convinced that her brother murdered her parents.

    We asked that the county conduct an investigation.

    Combs never looked at any of the documentation from the 3 investigations.

    He stated that the stab wounds Scott Feldcamp sustained could not have been self inflicted based on the opinion of one of the McHenry County Sheriffs Police.

    Maybe he asked Greg Pyle?

    Zinke told us there would be a thorough investigation.

    When Zinke ran for sheriff, we supported Bill Prim and contacted over 500 people we knew about this case.

    Prim won by 90 votes.

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