Cruz Wins Algonquin Township GOP Straw Poll

A shot of the crowd at Moretti's.

A shot of the crowd at Moretti’s.

About fifty people attended the Presidential Debate Party at Moretti’s in Lake in the Hills on Wednesday night.

Thirty-five participated in the straw poll.

Announcing the results Township Republican Party Chairman Chris Yaeger said,

I’m proud to announce than no one in Algonquin Township voted for Donald Trump.

The results for President follow:

  • Ted Cruz – 9
  • Carly Florina – 6
  • Scott Walker – 6
  • Jeb Bush – 4
  • Marco Rubio – 4
  • Ben Carson – 2
  • Rand Paul – 2
  • Mike Huckabee – 1
  • John Kasich – 1

Vice Presidential choices follow:

  • Carly Florina – 13
  • Ted Cruz – 7
  • Ben Carson – 5
  • Scott Walker – 2
  • Jeb Bush – 1
  • Chris Christie – 1
  • Mike Huckabee – 1
  • Bobby Jindal – 1
  • Marco Rubio – 1
  • Donald Trump – 1


Cruz Wins Algonquin Township GOP Straw Poll — 15 Comments

  1. Cruz is not a natural born citizen.

    Where are the birthers now? Pretty quiet.

    Hawaii at least is a state but Canada is not.

  2. BTW Karma, why was it necessary for Barry “The Choomer” to
    have his college transcripts sealed ?

  3. After last nights debate I would expect Cruz/Fiorina, or Fiorina/Cruz.

    Nice that there are others that see it that way too!

  4. Cruz is to religious added to his birth thingy.

    Ben would be a better choice as a political outsider.

  5. Carson was lack luster last night.

    Lovely man, self-made, but not charismatic enough to win, unfortunately.

    Doesn’t communicate strongly enough, but he is brave.

    I’ll never forget how he slammed Obamacare at the natl prayer breakfast right in front of Obama, but that was something he was obviously passionate about.

    I think Huckabee is too Evangelical.

    I don’t necessarily get that from Cruz.

    I’d love to see Cruz/Fiorina!

  6. Thank you, Chris and Demetri for the event.

    Watching the debate was great on the big screen!

    Food and Company were wonderful too.

    I will let you know when I’m done preparing my video montage of Trump’s many funny faces. 😉

  7. Cindy he was bon in Hawaii not Kenya.

    Repubs start all this hatred and then are hypocritical enough to consider Cruz a Canadian for president.

    What a joke.

    Even though I don’t believe in the evangelical christians desires to impose their beliefs on America I believe Huckabee is more sincere than Cruz, who is another coproations whose wife is on leave as a CEO of Goldman Sachs.

  8. Trump was a major birther but shut up about Cruz being on the debate stage even though he is not qualified to run for president but chose to pick on Rand Paul instead.

    I do agree with Trump that hedgefund managers do not pay their fair share of taxes and I think also manipulate the market.

  9. All politics is a kabuki theater game. (You prove my point with your last post.)

    I just found it really funny that someone still wants to argue that Obummer was “born” on an island that no one has any proof for being a reality.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  10. Birther here.

    Yes, he is ineligible.

    Please look into Cruz and the Council on Foreign Relations and his little wife Heidi too!

    He worked for G.W. Bush.

    He is another Baracck Obama.

    He is a globalist.

    I am deeply disappointed reading this.

  11. You keep missing the whole point, karma.

    The federal government is gone.

    You have no chance of affecting anything.

    They have thoroughly trashed every bit of the Constitution.

    Your arguments hold no sway with anything they do.

    The only way you have ANY chance of saving your country is to support states’ rights.

    If you want to keep your Constitution in effect stand behind states’ rights.

    (I waited all day to hear anyone speak anything about the Constitution. Today WAS Constitution Day!)

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