The Decorator-in-Chief

Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith

That’s what some staff members call McHenry County College President Vicky Smith.

Some offices have been painted twice since she arrived, but not her own suite.

Smith brought up the topic at the Board’s last meeting, but it was pretty much shot down.

She did ask that the next President be given about $70,000 to redecorate/remodel the office, however, and was given permission to obtain more solid numbers.

Here’s is the September 15th dialogue:

President Vicky Smith:  As I am leaving the institution every time I’ve become President of an institution I have always NOT refurbished my office because that gets you fired so I’m suggesting that my office suite get updated & refurbished so the new President can have a lovely place to operate with carpeting that is not worn and furniture that is not nicked.

Trustee Karen Tirio spoke out: I do [have strong feelings]. I think the new President should be given a budget to work within to do this the way they would like it to be done and not necessarily to the tune of $70K.
President Vicky Smith: If you’re willing to let the new President spend money on refurbishing the area and doing it in the style that they will like it, I’m all for that. It’s not tattered but needs painting, carpeting, resurfacing panels.
Trustee Molly Walsh: I agree with trustee Tirio. I think this should be  the option of the new President coming in and the perception of a retiring President refer is not one we would want to send out so I would not be in favor of it at this time.
Chairman Mike Smith:  I too have to agree and duly noted we appreciate the presentation of the need. We’d like to get a more detailed understanding of projected costs might look regardless of timing…This should be tabled until the new President is on board.
President Vicky Smith: And you would be willing to be supportive if the new President said, “Yes,” they’d want to refurbish??
Chairman Mike Smith: To Be Determined.
Trustee Ron Parrish:  I agree, I think everyone has different preferences and tastes and would assure the new President that we’d be willing to make the surroundings livable.  I too, am hesitant on the price tag.
Trustee Cynthia Kisser: I’d recommend that even though I agree we should let the new President update it,  I am concerned that when that when that time comes, the board may then want to do it. Even tho you won’t be here when it’s done if you would Prepare costs for us on carpeting, furniture, painting, maybe even updating the bathroom in that area.
Before we make a decision on this, we physically look at it and give us the costs on this. I know before we refurbished other areas I walked the areas with Dr. Smith and she pointed out things I didn’t even notice.
Student Trustee Jason Memmen: Yeah.  I agree I share the sentiments of all the other trustees. We have our student vets on campus that have  limited resources and limited space and we share a space with the adjuncts and we have second hand furniture too. There’s no discussion of moving us to a different space, I know we’re holding off until the space utilization study, but I don’t agree with that or the cost as well so…
President Vicky Smith: Yes I can put the costs together. The costs are not out of alignment. That what it has cost to refurbish others.. I’ll be happy to let the new President…
Trustee Molly Walsh:  I mean I think its a question of taste too.
Trustee Karen Tirio:  We also have to determine whether this is a priority at this point.
Trustee Chris Jenner: Yeah, I think we can still talk about it before the new President is here and put some parameters around it. I would think fresh paint and new carpeting should be okay.  .I wouldn’t want to see the college purchasing Like-Downton Abbey props or Hippopotamus (..inaudible)
Vice Chair Linda Liddell: Yeah, I’m kind of with Chis on that, too.
President Vicky Smith: Well, I didn’t understand that..
Trustee Karen Tirio: That’s a joke on  Aaron Schocks’ office expenditures–an ousted state rep.
Trustee Chris Jenner: Yeah if we could get those numbers before you leave and maybe we could create a budget for the incoming President to manage.
President Vicky Smith: That would be a great idea!
Vice Chair Linda Liddell: OK, thank you. We’re all in agreement so we’ll move on to the next item..


The Decorator-in-Chief — 8 Comments

  1. While the painting of an office at our Community College is discussed another family leaves McHenry County and another home is foreclosed on!

    Just where the H do you people who hold elected office expect the money to come from tp pay for this crap?

    Keep it up and you will be in charge of a county which holds a population of only food stamp recipients!

    Illinois now ranks number number one in food stamp usage in the midwest!




    The decline of Illinois is not due to Township government.

    County Republicans, wake up!!!

  2. MCC should be investigated as how the past and current administrations are running that school.

  3. Glad the board shot this down, and glad the Spender in Chief is leaving!

    Seems she sure wants the green light to spend in her last 3 months there.

    Looking forward to a President who has priorities and pride in keeping the spending in check!

    Cautious, the elected officials shot this down.

    The hired help- ‘the President’ is the one who wanted to spend $70K in her last 3 months of reign.

    Sometimes I think the Trustees go along. This time they nixed it.

    Atta boys and atta girls is due, THIS TIME.

    Although we’ve got to keep a close eye on them, always!

    This goes for School Districts, LIBRARY BOARDS, City councils, County Boards etc.

    It’s become a job.

    Thank Goodness for people who are still working, we have Cal’s blog, Steve Reicks blog to refer to.

    The Herald doesn’t cover much.

    Remain vigilant, Voters!

  4. $70,000 !!!

    $70,000 !!!!!

    HOW DARE SHE?!?!?!

    What an insult to the taxpayers and students of the school.

    When people in the county are losing their homes, losing their jobs, having to forego saving for their retirement and children’s college to put bread on the table, this woman has the shameless audacity to ask for $70,000 to do something as frivolous and vain as redecorating!

    THAT is borderline criminal and how our county/state/country got where we are today.

    Insulated, entitled leadership thoughtlessly spending our dollars for new deck chairs as our Titanic of an economy sinks.

    What a disgraceful coda to an opus marked by indifference to the taxpayer and student alike.

    Good day Ms. Smith

  5. Keep an eye on this.

    It sounds like they are giving her ‘busy work’ of obtaining the numbers, OR they are leaving the door open on this!

  6. Move her out of that space and throw a couple of yoga mats in for that fitness center they wanted.

    Have her share space in a maintenance closet with a custodian.

  7. This is going on throughout the State in almost every area of Government…


    Because of lack of involvement from the community.

    There is No hero who is going to swoop in and fix everything..

    it’s starts right here right now with every single voter taxpayer getting involved.

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