Woodstock Gridlock

Driving into Woodstock just before four this afternoon, I saw a huge lightning bolt that I guessed might have hit the old Courthouse or the Opera House.

As I drove from Route 47 to Downtown Woodstock I came to the train tracks.

The gates were down and the lights flashing.

Having taken the train from Woodstock to Chicago in the the early 1980’s, I didn’t think there was a commuter train due, so I waited a while for a fright.

No train came.

I concluded the lightning might have somehow locked the grade crossing signals in a down position.

So I turned around and went through the one-lane underpass.

Leaving Woodstock after five, I noticed a long line on what used to be Business 14.

Pretty soon I figured out that people were trying to get through the one-lane underpass.

Traffic on Madison was backed up from the railroad crossing street.

The gates were still down, the red lights flashing.

Most cars were taking a hard left at the stop sign.

When I finally got on the road parallel to the train track and was going past the closed gas station, I noticed a long line of cars waiting for the light.

A car in front of me started passing to the right, so I following it, figuring I would turn right onto Route 47.

It because apparent that the long line of cars were waiting to turn left.

I figured they were heading to the second underpass–the one on Route 47 just north of Jack Franks’ office.

Should have taken some pictures, I guess.


Woodstock Gridlock — 4 Comments

  1. And not so much as a single cop to be found directing traffic anywhere ?

    Your tax dollars at work.

    Shameful, isn’t it?

    Perhaps an investigation/inquiry is called for to find out why.

    Na, nothing to see here, move along …

  2. This morning around ten am I was headed for Huntly on 47.

    They are doing some road repairs between rt 14 and 176 and have closed one lane.

    I had to sit in a miles long backup for 30 minutes.

    No sign of police who should have been concerned about the miles of backup in both directions.

    Clearly the construction company’s time was much more important than the hundreds of hours commuters spent in stalled traffic.

    This has happened twice this week when I went that way.

    Our tax dollars at work.

  3. And you two geniuses expect the police to do what?

    Lift your car over the construction blockage?

    Arrest the construction crews and open up both lanes of traffic?

    They are cutting out bad sections of pavement and replacing them.

    That means one lane is going to close down while they do it.


    The construction crews have flaggers to keep the traffic moving as best they can but we all know that if you try to put the same amount of cars traveling in both directions on two lanes into one lane things will slow down.

    Say… you’re not from around here, are you?

    By here, I mean planet Earth.

    Ted… insanity is sometimes defined as repeatedly doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Two times this week you say?

    did it look like they were done?


  4. We must need a roundabout or two or three.

    OR maybe a ‘controlled flow intersection’.

    OR get rid of Prevailing wage laws and Project Labor agreements to lower highway / bridge construction costs – maybe we could then set aside a few nickels to pay for a new railroad bridge across Hwy. 47 to permit widening of highway 47.

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