Of Spam, and Ships, and Sealing Wax…

Have you been ensnared in and prevented from posting by our malicious spam traps?

Do you think that Cal Skinner is preventing you from the ability to comment on a story or has it in for you in some way?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to protect McHenry County Blog from falling victim to those who would damage or subvert it, it is sadly necessary to put “spam” blocks in place to disallow automatic comment.

Spam is defined by Dictionary.com as:


Without going into detail that may make your eyes glaze over (that version, known in internet parlance as TL;DR – too long, don’t read – can be found at our post Spam, the Novel) it can be succinctly stated as such:

  1. We won’t ever block you or edit anything that you might have to say, (excepting, of course, obscene or other objectionable speech).
  2. Many different actions can trigger our spam traps, but it usually comes down to posting comments too quickly or too many different comments in a short period of time.  This makes our systems think you are a computer and block you from posting.

If you have been blocked from posting and can’t get our automated systems to release you, please don’t go away mad.  We value your ideas and comments and would never stifle them.  In case of a problem, just email  admin@mchenrycountyblog.com for a speedy resolution.

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