“Conservative” Dem Passing Congressional Petitions in Woodstock

Spring Grove's John Hosta was seeking petition signatures at the Woodstock Driver's License Facility Tuesday.

Spring Grove’s John Hosta was seeking petition signatures at the Woodstock Driver’s License Facility Tuesday.

John Hosta was in the parking lot of the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office in Woodstock asked people to sign his petition for Congress in the 14th district.

That’s where Republican Randy Hultgren now serves.

The front of the card John Hosta was distributing.

The front of the card John Hosta was distributing.

Intrepid observer Linda Moore got the picture of Hosta with clipboard, plus what he was handing out.

The back of John Hosta's card.

The back of John Hosta’s card.

Hosta’s web site says he lives in Spring Grove.


“Conservative” Dem Passing Congressional Petitions in Woodstock — 15 Comments

  1. Nothing about fiscal responsible Gov in his handouts?

    Of course Randy never talks about that subject much either.

    Are there any politicians willing to advance a balanced budget ammendment?

    Sad really!!!!!

  2. @inish

    Actually it is. Not even half-staff, it’s all the way down.

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

  3. All I can say is Dennis Hastert, Ensign, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, David Vittner and Newt Gingrich and mamy more.

    All I can say is why are our property taxes so high when Republicans run this county, why are you so afraid of competition.

    And remember Clinton won McHenry County and so did Obama one time so don’t think this is Republicanville except it is gerrymandered that way.

  4. Karma:

    Do the math.

    McHenry County Taxpayers pay far more taxes to the state than we get back. The net leeches are your Democrat areas (Cook, Madison, and St. Claire counties).

    We also have to put up with liberals who want to live with us Republicans because they don’t want to face the facts of the failure of Democrat governance.

    Sunday night news is the tally of how many Chicago Dems shot how many other Chicago Dems.

    However, Karma, we will put up with you because we need hypocrites to illustrate the superiority of Republican governance.

    After all, I wouldn’t want my grandchildren going to school with a lot of “Democrats” either.

  5. Zipper down?

    Simply shows that I have nothing to hide…..

    Just how am I a conservative you ask,,,

    I am a conservative because I am prolife.

    And, I do promote fiscal responsibility.

    Fiscal responsibility begins with job recreation.

    Job creation reduces government supplements, and increases government income exponentially through dollar velocity.

    Your Republican leadership like Randy Hultgren promotes exporting American jobs to China through free trade; then eliminates traditional economic protection programs from imports to allow these foreign products back into our economy.

    It’s interesting that for more than 200 years since the inception of our country that our forefathers protected U.S Industries.

    Recently, in the last 50 years we have broken these traditions with “liberal” Republican trade agreements. Detroit is the example of what I am referring to, and is an example of our future.

    In 1965, Detroit had unemployment of about 1%, we exported the car industry for cheap foreign labor, unemployment then increases in Detroit to about 40% and we wonder where the money is going.

    And, now,, Hultgren approved to import meats from China attacking our farming community.

    I go to the DMV to hand out petitions Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday.

    I suggest you ask for a new updated card because the one showed is outdated and does not show my support of stopping Chinese Meat Imports.

    Time for free thinking people to demand a change.

  6. And Charles Nelson, I would like to respond to your comment if I may about your grandchildren and Dems.

    Have you already forgotten YOUR Republican Representative Hastert and Your Republican Representative Kirk?

    The problem with most republicans is that you cannot tell the difference between the sheep and the wolves.

    It’s interesting that your political attack upon me like Linda Moore is my zipper being down.

    Are you simply a base thinker like Linda Moore who simply focuses on a zipper rather than the issues like, fair trade, trade imbalance, second amendment, balanced budget, world banking issues, reserve currency issues, Citizen’s United, Glass Steagall, Sherman Antitrust Act, ect.

    What good is the salt once it has lost its saltiness.

    Will it not be thrown on the ground and trampled.

    You need to change your way of thinking.

    Furthermore, perhaps another label to describe my views is that I am an antiestablishmentarian.

    The leadership that penned the Declaration of Independence were such as this.

    May I embellish a bit further the problem of the Chinese meat import.

    Are you aware that Hultgren not only approves of such a policy but voted to remove the “country of origin” law requirement on all imported meat disguising this meat to the consumer, exposing the health of U.S. consumers.

    If you are truly concerned about your grandchildren I will pray for them and I will pray for you and Linda Moore as well.

  7. Yeah !! What he said !

    …Republican governance??!?

    More like parsed and sold to highest contributor

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