Rep. Breen on Madigan

State Rep. Peter Breen is not from this area.  He represents eastern DuPage County.

I find his take on what happens in Springfield timely and of interest.  I share this most recent one, written after Thursday’session in Springfield, with you below:

Peter Breen

Peter Breen

We just got on the road [after] another unproductive and frustrating session day in Springfield.  The Illinois budget stalemate continues with no clear end in sight.

We are plugging holes with court orders and piecemeal legislation, but no balanced budget.

Instead of spending the day hashing out a budget that meets our needs without breaking the bank, Speaker Mike Madigan filled the day with more “Committee of the Whole”—or what I like to call, “Madigan Theater.”

For hours on end, Madigan puts on speaker after speaker talking about how they are harmed by the lack of a budget … and then Madigan sends us home!

No negotiation, no progress, no serious sustainable solution to the problems presented.

And, we’re now being told that, three months into this government “shutdown,” we are still overspending.

Due to court orders and consent decrees, state and federal judges have put much of our spending on autopilot, at the unsustainable levels of years’ past.

By some estimates, we are on track to spend as much as $6 billion more than we will take in this fiscal year.


Madigan’s petty politics are keeping our state from a plan that will take us off the road to bankruptcy, and set us on the path to solvency.

Truly vulnerable people are suffering, but in the end, both they and taxpayers will bear the burden of this inaction.

Now, there’s a price to pay for telling the truth in Illinois.

I told you last week that Speaker Madigan is looking for a so-called “moderate” candidate to run against me.

You know that’s code for someone who will pretend to be independent-minded but who will toe the Mike Madigan party line:  the same party line that’s delivered decades of unsustainable spending and faux reform.

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Breen then goes on to ask for campaign assistance:

I need you to join me in this fight. Would you consider helping in one or more of these ways?

  1. Attend and donate to our upcoming 2016 Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser.  The event is this Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 6 to 8 p.m., at Glen Oak Country Club in Glen Ellyn.  For more information and to register, go or call 630-474-1209.  We desperately need campaign funds to gear up for 2016.

  2. Help me go door-to-door, talking to voters and collecting petition signatures—we need 500 good signatures just to get on the 2016 ballot.  We’ll be out walking this Saturday, at 9:30 a.m., starting at our home, 517 E. Prairie Ave., Lombard, IL.  Just reply to this email to RSVP.


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  1. Breen, Morrison, Ives, Duffy, etc. there are some good State Reps & Senators.

    If this kind of stuff would be front page news we would have more recognition of what is actually happening.

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