Andersson Appointed to Prison Panel

A press release from Congressman Steve Andersson:

Andersson Appointed to Behavioral Health Prison Diversion Commission

Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) was recently named to the Behavioral Health Prison Diversion Commission.

Steve Andersson

Steve Andersson

The appointment is effective immediately, and Andersson will join with other legislators on the Commission to gather information and identify areas in the criminal justice system that are able to handle persons with behavioral health disorders like

  • mental illness
  • substance use disorders
  • intellectual disabilities

The Commission will work towards producing a comprehensive report for the General Assembly by February of 2016.

The Commission’s report will detail a plan of action plan to improve the state’s efforts for persons with behavioral health disorders, and areas of the state to expand the use of effective pre-booking and post-booking options, in addition to a performance monitoring process.

Andersson is looking forward to working on this new commission,

“I appreciate Leader Durkin appointing me to this Commission and am ready to get to work, and help contribute to more effective and productive solutions for persons with behavioral health disorders in Illinois.”

The Commission was created by HJR 53, and will dissolve after a full report is given to the General Assembly in February 2016.

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