McHenry County College Police Carry Guns

MCC Police Patch

McHenry County College Public Safety Officers carry guns.

As I drove around the state with my 2002 gubernatorial campaign manager Ted Semon, every time we would pass a school with a no guns allowed sign, he would observe that there was another “protection free zone.”

That’s what came to mind when I heard the security guards at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College did not carry weapons.

The campus was a “protection free zone.”

The police arrived in a couple of minutes.

One wonders if fewer people would have been killed, if the campus police had been allowed to carry sidearms.

Crystal Lake and McHenry County Police were present throughout the Town Hall Meeting.  Here Kirk converses before leaving the room.

Crystal Lake and McHenry County Police were present throughout a Town Hall Meeting with Federal legislators. Here Senator Mark Kirk converses before leaving the room.

It’s the same question I asked myself when the massacre at Northern Illinois University occurred.

What if the former member of the Armed Services sitting in the front row of the lecture hall had been allowed to and had carried a guy?

Could she have shot the shooter before the police arrived?

McHenry County College police have guns.

If a former student decided to follow the example of the former student in Oregon’s community college, there’s a chance he would know that there are guns on campus.

Not as much a deterrence as there could be, but better than nothing.


McHenry County College Police Carry Guns — 6 Comments

  1. If guns work so much why was the policeman in Fox Lake killed?

    He had a gun.

  2. Not even sure if he is really dead, karma.

    He may have gone dark.

    The whole story line is unbelievable.

  3. Not that he did not act.

    He was NOT ALLOWED to act.

    It wasn’t part of their script.

    Check into the real stories.

    Nothing adds up in this one either.

    Quit listening to the MSM and their lies and propaganda.

    We are being fed lies constantly.

    Question everything.

    How’s that common sense regulation in Chicago working out for you, karma?

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