County Board Committee Meeting with Althoff re Township Consolidation

Nick Provenzano

Nick Provenzano

Pam Althoff

Pam Althoff

As the discussion on township consolidation continues, Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs (LIA) Chairman, Nick Provenzano has announced that he has invited Senator Pam Althoff to attend next Friday’s LIA meeting to discuss, among other things, the possibility of introducing legislation regarding three outlined concerns related to township consolidation.  These included:

  1. providing a choice of a higher or lower tax levy in consolidated township (currently, statute requires the higher levy amount);
  2. providing a broader choice for the handling of existing debt in consolidated townships; and
  3. addressing the 126 square mile limitation on consolidated township.

The meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 9, at 8:15 AM McHenry County Administration Building, Conference Room A.


County Board Committee Meeting with Althoff re Township Consolidation — 3 Comments

  1. The consolidation people are only asking that the consolidation issue be placed on the ballot for the PEOPLE to choose.

    Then, if it does get on and you get all the facts the PEOPLE (citizens, voters) can vote for or against it.

    Having it on the ballot should be a no brainer for these county board members, otherwise, you appear to be stifling the power and opinion of the PEOPLE.

    Not a good thing if you like being on the county board.


    Polling has proven that a large majority of the voting public want to make the choice and have the opportunity to vote.

    If the township people are so needed and efficient, they should feel confident that the voters will go with the status quo.

    They only show fear.

    What are they hiding??

  2. Seems logical; let the people decide, why would a County Board Member deny his/her constituents their right to weigh in on this?

    Afraid of heavy handed township tactics?

    Friends on township payrolls? Show some integrity and put this on the spring ballot.

  3. I would agree with freechoice except for the fact that the survey never told the constituents that Consolidation Scenerio 1 which will be voted on by the Board includes a GUARANTEED property tax increase of $1,465,702 as presented by the Task Force.

    BTW that number was generated by the Task Force, not by the ‘Township people’ with the exception of Mike Shorten who is a ‘Township people’.

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