County Board Voting on Township Consolidation Research

The McHenry County Board is considering a resolution Tuesday that will result in a study about township consolidation.

The resolution is not yet available, but here’s the summary:

Resolution Authorizing an Agreement with Northern Illinois University’s Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) to Complete a Township Consolidation Assessment Model (TCAM) to Assist the County in Making Data-Driven Policy Decisions Concerning Township Consolidations


County Board Voting on Township Consolidation Research — 2 Comments

  1. Like most studies, a waste of $$$$.

    Anybody really paying attention knows the facts and numbers already about consolidation, but of course bias and other political games prevent the facts from being well publicized from both sides of the game.

    The study should be geared to the whole county and how all gov agencies working together can make McH Co a better and less expensive place to live.

  2. Consolidation or any other action proposed or planned action by the McHenry County Board is a total waste of taxpayer dollars and is guaranteed to raise taxes.

    The solution lies in Springfield.

    We need amendments to the State Constitution to lower the cost of all government in the State of Illinois.

    I wish those involved in the Consolidation effort would take off their blinders and work on the actual problems which exist today instead of creating new ones!!

    No STUDY can predict what future Township and / or County Boards will do.

    Once they are elected they can raise the salaries for the next administration without ANY voter control.

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