Kansas Studies School Board Family Relationships

Marathon Pundit ran a story about how the State of Kansas is surveying school board members asking whether they have spouses or relatives working for school districts.

It is no secret that Illinois Education Association unions seek those with connections with school districts to run for school board.

In Crystal Lake District 155, for instance, Adam Guss, the husband of a Cary-Grove High School teacher ran for the board last spring and was elected.

In Huntley School District 158, Long-time school board member Mike Skala, now on the County Board, was married to a Huntley High School teacher.

In Kansas, a Special Committee on Ethics, Elections and Local Government asked legislative researchers to determine the impact of a bill that

“would restrict a person from serving on a local school board if his or her spouse, parent or sibling worked for any school district in the state.

“The bill sparked backlash from educators and school board members when it received a hearing early this year and was quickly tabled,”

according to the Witchita Eagle.

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See also yesterday’s article, entitled,

The School Employees on the McHenry Grade School Board.”


Kansas Studies School Board Family Relationships — 2 Comments

  1. Illinois wouldn’t let this limitation be put on board members.

    They are the soldiers in elections.

  2. It’s especially egregious when one spouse is in the administration and the other on the board.

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