McDermott Throws Name into the County Board Seat Vacancy Mix

Crystal Lake 31-year Republican Precinct Committeeman Tom McDermott has applied for the vacancy created on the McHenry County Board when Ken Koehler stepped down to take a Metra Board appointment.

The Sinful Saints Dixieland band playing on Tom McDermott's fire engine.

The Sinful Saints Dixieland band playing on Tom McDermott’s fire engine.

McDermott lists Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller, retired teacher Richard Otto and businessman Tom Stasiak as references.

Tom McDermott

Tom McDermott

McDermott makes five.

The others are

  • Jeff Thorsen
  • Cameron Hubbard
  • Kent Krautstrunk
  • John Reinart


McDermott Throws Name into the County Board Seat Vacancy Mix — 5 Comments

  1. A friend of Bob Miller’s or a relative? No thanks, my vote will be for Jeff Thorsen.

  2. Nice try, Tom.

    Mr. G will pat you on the head, thank you for all of the time you’ve given to the Party, and then go ahead and appoint Cameron Hubbard, all the while knowing Jeff Thorsen is the most qualified person for the post.

    Please prove us wrong Mr. Chairman and appoint Jeff Thorsen.

  3. Why so pro-Thorsen?

    It was his pals – Linder and Lowery – who were the instrumental thugs responsible for the vicious, unfounded, and coordinated attacks on our states attorney as well as other anti-establishment Republicans.

    That attack was a fraud and it was a politically evil witch hunt – and Thorsen knows this more than anyone.

    Though I like Thorsen’s politics and I have contributed to his campaigns in the past, his conspicuous silence on the BS indictment that was LED by HIS rogue police department, has left me sour.

    He’s never apologized, either.

    No Thorsen for me, thank you.

  4. Amen, CLM. You nailed it.

    The Republican Party of McHenry County, i.e., all 215 of those disorganized cats who go to all the same fundraisers but don’t have the political capital to convince even their own spouses to vote for the Republican candidates, need to listen to your wisdom.

    Losers like Lowery and Linder RUIN the community – and the “leaders” need to call out the bad guys, or “thugs” as you accurately refer to them, for the cancers they are.

    The “leaders” don’t because they’re AFRAID of these “thugs” – even though they’re their own employees.

    Small wonder politicians are HATED these days.

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