Bob and Anna Miller’s Prominent Guests

Bob Miller

Bob Miller

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller and his wife, McHenry County Board member and Transportation Committee member Anna May Millers had their annual wine and cheese fundraiser Thursday night.

As befits a regional power broker, many came to pay tribute.

Highlighting the event was an appearance by Marengo’s Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks.

Others follow:

  • State Rep. David McSweeney
  • Appointed Judge and candidate for Judge James Cowlin
  • Barrington Hills Village President and candidate for State Senate Marty McLaughlin
  • Candidates in the GOP Primary to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon:
      • Carolyn Schofield
      • Paul Serwatka
      • Allen Skillicorn
    Anna May Miller

    Anna May Miller

    • Cary Village President Mark Kownick
    • State Rep candidate Nick Sauer
    • McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer
    • McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan
    • McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller
    • Dan Regna, running for McHenry County State’s Attorney
    • McHenry County Recorder of Deeds candidate Joni Smith
    • Tom McDermott, who has applied to replace Ken Koehler on the McHenry County Board
    • Jeff Thorsen, who has applied to replace Ken Koehler on the McHenry County Board
    • Coral Township Supervisor Roger Naylor
    • Grafton Township Road Commissioner Tom Poznanski
    • Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance
    • Algonquin Township Clerk Chuck Lutzow
    • Former State Senator Jack Schaffer
    • Former McHenry GOP Executive Director Geri Davis
    • Last Republican Convention candidate for County Chairman Mark Daniel


Bob and Anna Miller’s Prominent Guests — 24 Comments

  1. as my dad used to say “what a revoltin’ development” that evening must have been.

    “Paying tribute” that’s even more “revoltin’.

    Shame on mchenry county.

  2. Power Broker = Cal Skinner = McHenry Co Blog.

    It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all,……………..


  3. I’d have a hard time voting for anyone who would willingly associate with the people who held that fundraiser.

  4. I agree with Billy Bob..

    I am deeply disappointed in some of the names that I see attending..

    that’s clearly endorsing what these two have stolen from the public tax payers..

    And this Anna May would vote for the people concerning the consolidations of Townships..

    You cannot hang with the Devil and then say you are not a sinner.

    Shame on all who attended.

  5. And I agree with the fisher 1776.

    Really disappointed.

  6. Fundraisers.

    The politicians version, of the arcade Money Booth.

    They supply the wind, taxpayers provide the cash.

  7. Anyone reading this should print this page and take it with them to the ballot box and NOT vote for any name on this page.

    Everyone knows the Millers, who they are and what they stand for.

    If you’re a politician, you can’t expect to be seen at these things and think that you’re going to come out of it without a bit of stink on you.

    Very disappointed to see some names on here, not surprised at others and glad to see some not on the list.

  8. The Consolidation deal was a tax increase for half the twhs, we vote these poeple in to protect us from more unneeded taxation don’t we?

    Find a way to lower taxes, not raise them, them you’ll have a workable plan.

  9. You may vote these people in, nob, but any thinking person would reject most of them .

    If gottmiller had not chosen to make his little repentance speech at the beginning of the vote to pacify the township people and if miller had not had the right to vote because of conflict of interest, things might have turned out differently.

    The issue is not dead.

    I’m happy to see only one other board member on the list.

    The biggest disappointment to me is David mcsweeny…

    I always felt he was a pretty clean guy.

    I was wrong.

  10. looks like millers have a new lapdog for their kennel. Roger Naylor coral twp supervisor…must be looking for a pay increase

  11. Watcher1940, even with a possible 4 board members with conflicts, the issue still would of lost.

    Tax increase, most people in this county are against them in case you missed out on that fact.

    District 1 board members, I voted for 2 for consolidation and 2 against the consolidation issue, just saying.

    Also Cal’s list is missing a few board members, many municipal people, his spies were doing a poor job, probably pro consolidation types.

    Show me a plan with actual tax savings, I’ll support it.

    Run Watcher 1940 run.

  12. Watcher1940, sure my mom gave that advise, that’s why you and I don’t hang out together.
    Yup I was there.
    Another saying is keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

  13. Roger Naylor is Libertarian IMO.

    He doesn’t believe bigger gov is better, that is want consolidation would of gave us.

  14. The Nob read the great write up on the Township consolidations posted here..

    any increase would have been reduced by the toendip..

    oh I see it’s better yo have 50 people all tiny township supervises.

    Many of them were on the tacpayers dime when they showed up for board meetings enmase.

    Illinois is the laughing stock due to our corruption and this non sense is part of it..

    the board refused to honor the majority if people and did as they wished and thst was wrong.

  15. Steve Ramdi has a good point.

    Everyone should print up a list of who was at that fundraiser, and remember those people at the next election.

    We should especially remember any judges that attended, because anybody that hangs out with the Miller crowd has no business judging anyone.

    It also saves the taxpayers a lot of money if the judges are thrown out of office before they can qualify for their seriously bloated pensions.

  16. Cal, GIVE?

    How about you be true to the Rep ideal where you have to earn a name, not given like a Dem?

    You must like political games or else you wouldn’t still be a politician, Yamon.

    Tell me how you feel about one of your LW favorites Paul Serwatka being there, and what you think about Paul’s comment on Steve R. blog about consolidation, as proposed was a waste of our tax $$$$?

    Then you’ll have earned a name, which I will then type here.

  17. Cynthia allen schenk, any info you have read here or say the NWH doesn’t give all the facts, numbers, and other considerations that should of been dealt with before any vote.

    The so called resolved tax rate was never really resolved, state law had to be changed, one must put their ducks in an order so we voters can be well informed, not just have HOPE.

    HOPE, been about 8 years we’ve heard that nonsense, as Cal said, Where’s the Beef?

    Supervisors roll is the one part of twhs that could use some serious consideration on modifying the job.

    As far as being at all the meetings, that is there job to protect the people that elected them.

    How can they do that, by hiding?

    While I agree IL is a mess, explain how this consolidation issue was handled in a legally corrupt way?

    Morally corrupt, would be like the Rep’s that say they are for no tax increases, yet often tax us just as much as the Dem, right?

  18. Was under the impression Millers are against consolidation.

    Am I wrong?

  19. Kate, you couldn’t be “righter,”.

    If your whole family was financed by taxpayers dollars many times over and In the hundreds of thousands, I don’t have the figures right now, you are correct in assuming they will fight tooth and nail to keep their cozy arrangement just the way it is.

    You’d have to go pretty far to find a situation more disgusting than theirs.

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