Bernie Sanders Debate Party in Algonqun

Volunteers were soliciting volunteers at the Bernie Sanders for President tent.

Volunteers were soliciting volunteers at the Bernie Sanders for President tent.

You may remember that Bernie Sanders for President supporters had a tent at the McHenry County Fair.

There was nothing for Hillary Clinton.

The Sanders supporters were enthusiastic and I love intensity in politics!

Tonight the supporters will gather at Nero’s Pizza & Pub at 300 Eastgate in Algonquin to cheer on their candidate.

The details of the Bernie Sanders Debate Party in Lake in the Hills.

The details of the Bernie Sanders Debate Party in Lake in the Hills.

Although there’s room for sixty people, the organizers ask that you let them know if you are coming. The contact information is below:

Silv Gibbons
Algonquin ILVL For Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders Debate Party in Algonqun — 20 Comments

  1. I think the last time the Socialists displayed “enthusiasm” and “intensity in politics” was at Nuremberg in 1934.

    That really didn’t turn out too well for some folks.

  2. The best thing local Republicans can do to ensure the Republican nominee gets elected in 2016 is support Bernie.

  3. Disappointed by the failure of Obama, the disenfranchised, weepy minions, turn to their next savior for ‘change’.

    Along comes redistribution of wealth, socialist champion, Bernie Sanders to fill the role, as their new master.

    Just shows how bad it is out there, when an old liberal gadfly packs em in for events, that are louder than rock concerts.

  4. Sorry, DJ. You are wrong on this one.

    Bernie Sanders is a card carrying Communist. (“They” call themselves Democratic Socialists of America.)

  5. Unless you are referencing Silv as the old liberal gadfly…then I sincerely apologize for calling you out. lol

  6. Bernie is probably the most honest of all the candidate’s, for that reason alone he’d be better for the country than Hilliar.

  7. My mistake.

    I am suffering from Chronic Traumatic Illinopathy which is caused by, repeated blows to my wallet, by tax raising politicians.

    In Illinois, there is no known cure.

  8. Trump versus Sanders, Capitalism versus Socialism?

    At least Bernie Sanders admits publicly he is a socialist unlike many of the big spend and borrow Republicans.

    Remember, it is the House of Representatives which authorizes all expenditures under U.S. Constitution and last time I checked, this chamber of Congress was majority Republican.

    Oh yes, your Republican House of Representatives are supporting O’Bama Care and big government by fundng it which makes them no different than Bernie Sanders.

    To those who say they are obligated, some laws are passed which are not funded, more so in the past, because the intent of our founders was to leave ultimate authority of lawmaking through power of the purse not to U.S. Supreme Court, Executive Branch or Senate; but to the House of Representatives.

    What does that say about House Speaker John Boener and other House Republicans.

    This is why Trump, Fiorina and Carsen are leading the pack and why one of these individuals will ultimately win the Presidency.

    Before you Republican establishment supporters out Bernie Sanders by calling him for what he says he is, look at your own party who continue to misrepresent what they are.

    Yes, “Socialists” just like Bernie except they dress the pig in a prettier dress.

    It reminds me of McHenry County being called a “Republican” county yet McHenry County remains the 27th highest taxed county in the entire United States.

    My point is, what is in a name, look to substance and you find with most of our elected officials, national, state and local, they are the same . .

    “Spenders and Borrowers”

  9. Bernie is the only one that warned of this happening in our country while he was in Vermont, as representative and as Senator.

    He is not a crazy socialist, he is a democratic socialist who has made deals with both republicans and democrats.

    Unlike the other candidates of both parties he does not accept PAC money only small donations so he is not beholding to anyone but the people.

    Remember “we the people” not lobbyists or Koch Bros or the Waltons and he will win because the people support him.

  10. I also agree with Donald that Republicans are in this county and have taxed us to death.

  11. David, I’d much rather have someone who try’s to steal money, than someone who just outright says he’ll take it.

    I can plan and protect myself from the sneaky burglar (politicians), not so much with a armed (with the coercive powers of state) robber like Bernie.

  12. We are already a socialist country.

    Our army is socialist, corporate welfare is socialist, social security, medicare, public jails, VA healthcare, bridges, museums, public parks and so much more.

    We don’t have universal healthcare yet like other countries because it would actually save money but ceo’s would make less.

  13. I’ll bet that there will be MANY McHenry County teachers voting for
    ol’ Bernie the Commie.

    In fact, I have a suspicion that a good percentage of the audience in attendance tonight at Nero’s will be teachers.

    I’m going to go myself just to get as many pictures of the crowd as I can before they throw me out.

  14. It’s frightening how many of you are blind to the fact that our country is not run by the government.

    It is run by the rich who bought all the politicians.

    You are being lied to again and again and Sanders brings some major truths that we should all want to face.

  15. I can fire any corporation that I do business with at any time if they do not deliver value.

    What government service do we receive that delivers value?

    Can we fire those that don’t?

  16. Bernie Sanders is OK based on his record of working with both sides and his honesty…

    And that’s coming from a life long republican.

    I will probably vote for him because GOP is in shambles.

    I don’t like how much money they take from private interests.

    You can’t run in my best interest if you owe a favor to a corporation.

    Its not right or fair and its unacceptable and un American.

  17. David Steiper, next time you speak that kind of truth, be sure to speak louder!

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