Chicago TIF Expert Coming to Woodstock

A press release from Joe Tirio:

Public Defender Tom Tresser is coming to Woodstock Public Library 

Expand your civic imagination with Tom Tresser of the TIF Illumination Project.
Tom will explain Tax Increment Financing to clearly identify who is helped and who is hurt by the Woodstock TIF and the Lakewood TIF.
The presentation will not leave you wondering how to vote on these significant taxpayer issues.
The TIF Illumination Project uses data mining, investigatory reporting, map making, graphic design and community organizing to expose the impacts that Tax Increment Financing districts have on us at the community level.
The presenter, Tom Tresser is a civic educator, public defender, and organizer of grassroots democratic efforts.
Come and be illuminated! Family friendly event at Woodstock Public Library on Tuesday, Oct 20. Registration: Free. Refreshments served.
For more information call Barb Gessert 815-334-0422 or Susan Handelsman 815-540-7526
See details and register online at
See Event on Tom Tresser Facebook Page: TIF: Help or Hurt?
Public Defender Tom Tresser speaks on TIF issues that all property taxpayers need to hear.


Chicago TIF Expert Coming to Woodstock — 3 Comments

  1. Any one who is on any taxing board should be there.

    It ought to be mandatory to get this kind of training on TIFs and other things that effect the taxpayer.

    Wonder how many elected officials will be there.

    They’ll get points in my book for showing up.

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