McHenry High School Releases Contract Summary — 16 Comments

  1. Well that is a start to leveling the playing field between teacher unions and taxpayers.

    The teachers should not get to vote on the collective bargaining if the taxpayers cannot vote on the agreement.

    This information was not released to taxpayers until after the teachers union voted on the collective bargaining agreement.

    The teachers should not have access to this type of information before taxpayers.

    The board represents the taxpayers and those taxpayers include teachers.

    The teachers are represented by the teacher union whose support helps elect some or sometimes all school board members.

    Thus teachers are represented on both sides of the bargaining table in some school board elections.

  2. Last sentence should read teachers are represented on both sides of the bargining table in some collective bargaining negotiations.

  3. Unreal, we just got a 70% increase from this year in health insurance for next year.

    another reason why I’m leaving the state!

  4. Cindy, proposals to redistribute wealth are typically justified by redistributing wealth downward from the wealthy to the poor.

    Here, we have a redistribution from everyone in the form of property taxes (and even if you rent, you pay property taxes–what, did you think your landlord isn’t covering all of his expenses?) to the upper-middle class.

    Karl Marx is rolling over in his grave fast enough right now to throw off the Earth’s orbit.

  5. Just remember seniors.

    The County generously allows to you defer your highest property taxes in the nation, at only 6% interest.

    Repayable when you die or sell your home.

    Comforting to know the Public Sector’s concern for taxpaying homeowners.

    I wonder if they can help wade through the technicalities, for seniors filling out Quit Claim deeds, to eventually turn over their property’s?

    But I’m sure the McHenry County Collector has this covered in their paperwork.

  6. rawdogger?

    You are absolutely wrong and you live in a Polyanna world if you still believe that downward to the poor tripe.

  7. “…establish the new way the association will be paid.”

    What does this even mean???

    Why are they agreeing to contract terms that are purposely left undefined?

    And must be resolved before the expiration of the contract?

    Talk about kicking the can down the road.

    Its like half a contract: Here’s some more money now (that the taxpayers can’t pay), and then we’ll figure out later how we pay you.

    I’m sure this will end well.

  8. As to the “AIM” program, apparently all 2,300 kids will be freed up simultaneously to seek help from only about 160 teachers for a half an hour every single day.

    Anyone else see the inherent logistical problem with that methodology?

    Or maybe the administration expects 75% of the kids to go out and sit in their cars in the lot and grab a quick smoke during the middle of the day.

  9. occam, I am certain that students are not always in need of one-on-one assistance.

    If you look at the description, students are grouped by need.

    So, students are placed in or request a group.

    You don’t have much faith in the District students, do you.

    I would venture to safely say that 75% of the students do not smoke.

  10. So when will our property taxes increase – and by how much ?

  11. Well, maybe 75% of them currently don’t smoke, but now they’ll have plenty of free time every day to pick up a new habit.

    Question: Why do the teachers have to now be paid Bonuses in order to provide individual help to students?

    By my math, it looks like the district is spending an extra $100K for this “assistance”.

    So were the teachers previously not meeting individually with students to provide assistance?

    And for an extra $100K, now they will?

  12. That isn’t the only additional cost affiliated with tutoring.

    There is federal grant money for online tutoring, but it must be matched by some local district funds.

    I found hundreds of thousands paid out in Woodstock D 200 to various online tutors, including one that is under inditement for kickbacks to schools for steering them business.

    The pupil teacher ratio is around 15.

    teachers can’t find time in a ‘school work-day’ ( which is like a ‘psychiatrist’s hour’) to tutor 3 students, 5 days a week?

    If they pass the tutoring responsibility to websites, why not free websites?

  13. Active Duty Military and seniors don’t get this kind of a raise.

    That is all I am saying.

    I am not anti-teacher but how much does the taxpayer have to pay?

    We simply cannot afford this.

    This impacts me as a county board member.

    Here we are busting our… butts on the county board to lower our budget (McHenry County did not take the levy and lowered our budget by about $10 MILLION for FY16) and you have all of these other governments feeding off of our hard work like vultures.

    It is sickening.

    We in McHenry County pay the 29th highest property taxes in the United States and our elected politicians are completely out of touch.

    Those senior citizens in District 156 will get “double banged” not only without a social security increase but now their tax bill will go up.

    It isn’t even debatable.

    Where the hell is the 72 year old widow supposed to come up with the difference?

    All of this is so sickening. Its disgusting.

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