McSweeney says, “Hell No!” to Retirement Tax

The first legislator to reply to my request for whether or not they will vote for a tax on retirement income was State Rep. David McSweeney.  Here it is:

David McSweeney

David McSweeney

“Hell no!“I will not support any tax increase!

“Over my dead body will they adopt a retirement tax.”

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As I noted under the original article:

Republican Leader Pushes “Retirement Tax”

I also mentioned I have a personal stake in the outcome.

I can write McHenry County Blog from Florida, but would prefer to do so from here.

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Here are a couple of comments posted under the original article:

From “Oldtimer”:

Can’t tell you how many of my friends, neighbors and relatives were wondering if this tax would happen.

They are prepped and ready to leave the state (some already have) including myself.

Would not be a good thing for the State Sens. to go along with if they want to stay in office.

From Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery:

Are they trying to increase the exodus?

Tennessee, Kentucky or Florida have strengths and total plans that are causing the moves to their state.

The vacationer taxes (esp. Florida) help with their budgets.

The legislator needs to work with Illinois strengths (have they listed and measured them?), fix the weaknesses (have they listed and measured them?), and use proven polices of successful states (Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio as examples, and of course list and measure) and start somewhere now.

This has to be a total plan that can be implemented as they can.

“I don’t need the full bible now, just give a chapter to start” quote from the movie Apollo 13. I don’t think a full “bible” plan is being proposed to handle all of the needed fixes though. Can the average citizen see the plan if there is one?


McSweeney says, “Hell No!” to Retirement Tax — 17 Comments

  1. More and more residents are saying “Hell No” to living in the tax hellhole of a state Illinois has become.

    They are leaving and taking their wealth with them before the state has robbed them of everything they have worked for and own.

    What person in their right mind wants to live in a sanctuary state ?

  2. I would think a 5% reduction in the actual pension would be a better idea.

    The pension fund would be directly better off and the money if taxed wouldn’t get lost in the general fund.

  3. That comment was about public employee pensions.

    State employee pensions also have health care which could just get dropped completely in favor of BOcare, or buying their own supplement.

    Those two changes would make a big difference in what has been under paid by the legislature.

    Part time legislature people should get no pension, most of them have big $$$$ before even running for office.

    Isn’t that right Cal? LOL

  4. Honest Abe if the republicans and democrats tried to cut pensions and under Illinois constitution they cannot be cut, they can’t take their “wealth” with them.

    We need a surcharge if they move to other states or countries because the Illinois taxpayer will be stuck paying for these pensions.

    These retirees have an obligation to support Illinois or pay a surcharge.

  5. Perhaps Karma should enroll in an online course in Federalism.

  6. The Nob has not kept up on Illinois Supreme Court decisions on public employee health insurance.


    My entire 16 years in the Illinois General Assembly, four years as County Treasurer (I came to work even during the 1967 blizzard when Route 14 was one-lane on the curve near where MCC is located) and four, plus, years in the Department of Central Management Services I was full-time in each job.

    My pension is good. No doubt about that.

    I was not in the General Assembly when the 3% so-called annual Cost of Living adjustment was enacted.

  7. The Nob shows us that he is not an attorney.

    Here is an article on the Illinois Supreme Court decision on diminishing public pensions.

  8. Cal, I know about the state constitution enough to know it would need to be changed both for health care and reducing pensions as I suggested, I understand the law.

    I was wondering if you would enlighten us on how pensions worked for you, as it is public knowledge.

    Four years as County Treasure, was the County in IMRF then, and wouldn’t that be less than the vested 8 year requirement, which would mean no pension from IMRF?

    Almost 5 years with DCMS, again less than the 8 years vested requirement?

    THX for your 16 years in office, I realize it’s closer to a full time job than not.

    Still it’s considered part time is it not, and with health care and pension?

    Was there, is there, a deal to roll all the time in one pension?

    With increases in your pension, is it now more than your past legislators wages, or not yet?

    Sometimes your personal experience his helpful, and openness is always appreciated. 🙂

  9. Pensions can’t be diminished, but there is nothing in the Illinois Constitution that requires the Illinois General Assembly to fund them.

    There will be some very interesting separation of powers arguments when the pension funds run dry.

  10. Cal, to karma’s point.

    When pension people move out of state, it’s there a % built in decrease?

    In IMRF or all of them?

  11. McSweeney is the real deal and one in a million!

    Writes some great legislation and truly ‘represents’ his constituents and beyond!

  12. Stand4Truth, Jeez Nob?

    Once a politician always a politician.

    Worst thing we can do is not give our politician’s some heat once in a while.

    I noticed you throw rocks at times also, just saying. 🙂

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