Joe Calomino Running for County Board in District 5

Joe Calomino

Joe Calomino

With Tina Hill running for McHenry County Recorder of Deeds instead of County Board next year, one of the folks planning to run for the office is Joe Calomino, a Republican Precinct Committeeman in Lake in the Hills.

I saw him outside the County Board meeting Tuesday, but didn’t have time to talk.

I asked him via email if he were running for the District 5 post.

Below is his reply:

The answer is yes – I made the decision about 10 days ago after conferring with a variety of folks in the county and of course my family. I was going to let you know today at the county building but I was on a call at the time.

I will be out of pocket the next couple of days with some pre-arranged plans to visit friends out of state. I’ll be back in town Saturday – hitting the street to obtain the remainder of my signatures and talk with the voters. I’ll be happy to chat with you when I return if you like.

In the meantime, I’ve attached a walk piece I have been handing out while going door to door. I hope that this piece helps to provide you some insight into my background and accomplishments.

Joe Calomino's first walk piece.

Joe Calomino’s first walk piece.

After years of traveling the state on behalf of Republican candidates and causes, I am excited for the opportunity to serve in my home county. I believe my diverse intergovernmental and watchdog activities uniquely position me to address the pressing issues facing the McHenry County Board and McHenry County taxpayers.


Joe Calomino Running for County Board in District 5 — 6 Comments

  1. He just gave a class on the political process of campaigning at MCC Monday afternoon.

    He couldn’t tell us what office he decided to seek due to the college’s rules but he has extensive experience in handling campaigns at the governor level, mayoral level, and with local municipalities.

    He will be back at MCC in February and in April when he brings well-known politicians who are currently in office.

  2. Phenomenal news!

    Joe is qualified, experienced, principled and able to have productive conversations with anyone.

    His ability in and understanding of government will make him effective day one.

    Great to see you run Joe! Your continued service locally will be a great boon to McHenry County.

  3. Priest, I thought so too until it was confirmed that he was brought in by the old guard establishment.

    We can’t let THAT rear its ugly head again!

    We have more establishment politicians to get OUT of office, let alone let any more of their kind get in.

    We’ll never get rid of our problems if that happens.

  4. I suppose I’d need a definition of terms regarding “establishment” in order to understand the objection along those lines.

    Rather than diverge into this I’ll say my support comes from Joe’s very counter cultural career.

    He’s run state organizations which upset and supported both party hard liners.

    He’s pushed policies, and effectively followed them through, which upset and supported hard liners in both parties.

    He’s had a long career in the back rooms and front rooms of both parties.

    He has been welcome and kicked out of both.

    In his whole career he has demonstrably defended The People and conservative fiscal policy.

    Joe hasn’t been shaken in his goals by the temptations both parties and their sycophants offer and has effectively reached them by not being a parochial purist.

    We need someone who knows which rock he’s built his foundation on and is unshakeable while working pragmatically to understand the interests on both sides to drive policy which protects The People.

    Locally this translates to neither being owned by Old Guard nor Ronnie Salgado, and his puppet, but being able to work with both to lay the old animosities aside to make government work as The People’s employee again rather than fractious self interested factions who stay in their corners snarling at one another over scraps while Jack and Mikey M. run away with the cheese.

  5. Best of luck to you Joe Calamino!

    It’s refreshing to see so many conservatives running for McHenry County Board.

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