Liebmann Invites GOP to CL “Pints and Politics”

A press release from Kelly Liebmann:

Kelly Liebmann Offers Forum to Talk Friendly GOP Politics District 6 County Board Candidate Organizes Event to Encourage McHenry County’s Conservative Republicans

Crystal Lake, Illinois – Candidate for McHenry County Board, Kelly Liebmann, invites all McHenry County republicans to an evening of open discussion during “Pints and Politics”.

“I know republicans in McHenry County deserve better.

“Conservatives in McHenry County need to know the GOP is working for the taxpayer, not themselves,” Liebmann stated.

Kelly Liebmann's invitation for McHenry County conservatives to gather in Crystal Lake.

Kelly Liebmann’s invitation for McHenry County conservatives to gather in Crystal Lake.

“I want offer a venue to advance the dialog, to engage those who may need a starting point.” Liebmann is realistic about the event, scheduled for 7:00-9:00pm on Thursday, November 19th, 2015 at Crystal Lake Brewing, 101 N. Main Street, Crystal Lake, knowing difficult conversations must be initiated.

“The animosity created by former and current GOP leaders represents the continuous dysfunction plaguing the McHenry County Republican Party” Liebmann declared.

“Instead of fighting with each other, the conservatives of McHenry County should be uniting to promote fiscal responsibility and ensure candidates with common ideals are elected.”

Just days before the election filing period starts, Liebmann will be offering notary service to attendees who bring in their petitions. Liebmann is hopeful November’s “Pints and Politics” will be a recurring casual event that will engage and educate residents and party members.

Depending on turnout and feedback, guest speakers and presentations could be included at future events. 815.728.0733 [email protected]  Authorized and paid for by Taxpayers for Kelly Liebmann. Liebmann is a 13-year resident of District 6, having lived in both Harvard and unincorporated Wonder Lake.

A former member and current volunteer for 4-H, Kelly has been employed in administration and management for over 20 years and currently works as an Operations & Logistics Manager for a mobile marketing and concert touring transportation company. The McHenry County Board 6th District consists of all of Alden, Chemung, Coral, Dunham, Greenwood, Hartland, Hebron, Marengo, Riley, and Seneca Townships and a portion of Grafton Township. Persons wishing to volunteer or donate should go to: for more information.


Liebmann Invites GOP to CL “Pints and Politics” — 10 Comments

  1. This comment was meant for Joe Calomino!! Sorry, pushed wrong button.

  2. YES Calamino is put up by the old guard.

    A disaster in the making.

    We need to get someone of character to put up against him!

  3. Hypocrisy abounds in almost every sentence Liebmann speaks.

    Conservative endeavors in McHenry county have been many – even just in recent years.

    I don’t recall Liebmann’s involvement in any of them.

  4. I have a question for Liebmann. If elected, will you take the health insurance and pension benefits from the county?

  5. I see a lot of people asking if board candidates will take the health insurance and pension plan under the idea that being a member of the county board is a part-time job.

    There are board members who treat the position as a part-time job, i.e., they are ineffective and really don’t do much other than warm a seat and collect a paycheck.

    There are others who actually prepare themselves for the important work they have to do in running McHenry County.

    They study the agenda and research the issues beforehand, meet with constituents and community groups for input on upcoming issues and are able to positively add to the discussions of the issues in a meaningful way.

    While they may spend 10-15 hours per week in the spotlight at board meetings and committee meetings, they may spend significantly more time than that in preparation.

    I don’t see a problem with board members taking the health insurance or the pension plan – if they are effective in their position.

    As I understand it, the board’s pension plan is solvent in that it has not been raided in the way the teacher’s retirement plan has been raided by the politicians who have controlled the State of Illinois for generations.

    When local government can compensate its elected officials in a decent manner, regular people can run for office and represent regular people.

    When local government, under the ruse “saving the taxpayer’s money,” then only the wealthier members of our community can afford to be elected to office and may only represent the wealthier members of community with less regard for the regular people. Just my two cents.

  6. Federal Farmer- your term “conservative endeavors” is vague–please elaborate.

    As for my involvement–

    I have knocked on doors for both the 2013 & 2015 slates for MCC.

    Both successful campaigns with excellent candidates.

    Through their dedication and volunteers’ hard work, we all stopped the (2013) MCC expansion effort.

    Ersel Schuster’s loss of County Board seat to “yes man” Larry Smith in 2014 was a defeat for conservatives.

    School boards are stacked with liberal tax-and-spend members, meanwhile they run unopposed in local elections.

    When will Republicans get behind and support, and I mean really support, a candidate to run against Jack Franks?

    These are the things we need to discuss as fiscal conservatives.

    Instead of criticizing conservatives and working against eachother, we should be building and mentoring new and younger conservatives for possible runs in future elections.

  7. Board health insurance policies are overpriced. (According to research I have posted on this site).

    Comparisons are easy, online.

    Has any recipient of taxpayer-funded health insurance bothered to compare the prices of their health-finance contract premiums to others available to general public via or

  8. Pints and Politics……….Drink Beer and talk Politics Ha ha

    I’m still laughing….

    Well maybe things have changed since I quit drinking….

    Because as a serious drinker we had Rules against certain topics…

    religion and politics were the two main causes of bar room brawls and a main dissolver of friendships…..

    I might just go as a curious but sober spectator

  9. The issue I have with County Board members taking a government health care plan is because many hold jobs in the private sector-why not take their company’s plan?

    Also, all other part time government employees cannot receive health insurance benefits.

    Why is that fair?

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