Ron Parrish Denies Endorsing Tina Hill for Recorder, Prefers Joe Tirio

Last night I got a copy of the following email to MCC Trustee Karen Tirio from McHenry County College Board member Ron Parrish, who is also the immediate past President of the Village of Bull Valley:

Ron Parrish

Ron Parrish

Just to set the record clear, I understand that Tina Hill has posted notice and made claims that I endorse her for recorder of deeds.


I did sign her petition, because she asked me to in an awkward way at a public gathering a Bull Valley Riding Club outing  but I did not intend that as an endorsement nor do I see it as such.

She later sent my wife a letter of apology for her intrusion there.

I do believe that every qualified citizen who wishes to run for a public office should be able to do so, and that the voters should decide the outcome.  In the future, I will know better.

I am supporting Joe Tirio, and I regret that Mrs. Hill has misled people in this way.  (I wonder who else on her “list” got flim-flammed like this and ended up on her list of “endorsers”.)


Ron Parrish Denies Endorsing Tina Hill for Recorder, Prefers Joe Tirio — 16 Comments

  1. kudos to you Mr. Parrish.

    Signing a petition is NOT and endorsement OR A PROMISE TO VOTE.

    I have witnessed her pressuring people and being polite and not wanting to cause a scene with her, they would sign.

    I have had people come to my door with petitions and they have stated that it is not and endorsement or promise of a vote.

    It is just to get a name on the ballot.

    Typical of Tina to try these tricks.

    If she is going to take names off of her petition and call the signers endorsers, SHE HAD BETTER THINK AGAIN!!!

  2. Thanks for your support, Mr. Parrish and for setting the record straight.

  3. Get a load of all the husband/wife duos she has obviously trying to double up on that list of endorsements.

    And most are Citizens-Not political endorsements.

    Face it any political official with two brain cells would know it’s political suicide to endorse this candidate!

    Maybe why there’s so few on her list.

    It speaks to their credibility, honor, ethics.

    Water seeks its own level.

    Going over those names with a highlighter to make sure they don’t get our votes, now, or in the future.

    Unless they too have been “film-flammed” and never gave her such permission?

  4. lets see if you can be what you called flim flamed on something like this what else have you been flim flamed on ? which may not have benefited us the tax payer..?

    May be you should learn to say “NO”… and stop trying to be so Politically Correct!

    makes a person wonder…

  5. Maybe the real question here is:

    What is the value of any “endorsement”?

    If it doesn’t also represent a monetary contribution or volunteer time, it really means little to nothing.

    It helps fill up website space and campaign literature but how does that further discussion of issues the voters should be concerned with?

  6. I often sign petitions for candidates I do not support because I believe anyone who is qualified should have the opportunity to run for public office and express his or her views.

    In fact, I always stated to individuals who signed my petitions for public office that your signature is not an endorsement or even a statement that you will vote for me but only acts as permission which hopefully will afford me the opportuntiy to run for public office.

    I do not know Mrs. Hill, and maybe she is a bright trustworthy person; but if this is how she used Mr. Parrish’s signature on her petition, I believe this is dishonest and disqualifies her for public office, at least for this election.

    Thanks Cal for posting this blog as I will scratch Mrs. Hill off my list of potential candidates to support unless she provides a pursuasive rebuttal to Mr. Parrish’s claim convincing me otherwise.

    It is difficult enough to accept the ignorance from many of our candidates and elected officials in these challenging times; but dishonesty, No Sir!

  7. Say What? hit it on the head!

    When you have no substance for your political handouts and website you need fillers, which is what Hill did here.

    (nevertheless people on that list should be wary as their own reputation is at stake).

    So compare their website material and decide who is of substance?

    It’s no Hill.

  8. All I can say, is that I have lived in McHenry County for 30 years, and I know Joe Tirio very well.

    And I can tell the good residents of Woodstock and McHenry County, that you won’t find a more honest, caring, fair minded man around.

    This man owns a very successful business, that in its nature, helps the elderly and challenged residents in Northern Illinois, to live lives that they couldn’t without his expertise, compassion and effort.

    If you are a person that is sick and tired, of being sick and tired, vote for Mr. Tirio .

  9. Commenter Michael Mueller, (above) hit the nail on the head and said it all.

    Joe Tirio is a man of his word, he dedicates his life’s work to helping those who cannot help themselves.

    Joe is a voice and a helping hand to the elderly. Joe is a voice and a helping hand to the sick.

    Joe will be YOUR voice and YOUR helping hand as an elected office holder.

    “Honest Joe” is deserving of your vote. No “Shenanigans!” Just honest hard work for the people.

    God Bless McHenry County.

    Thank you.

  10. Joe Tirio and I recently worked together on a local school issue here in Woodstock.

    I’m impressed by his dedication to finding good outcomes for our community. Joe doesnt skip meetings or shirk duties.

    He’s one of the good guys who shows up when you need him.

    Joe’s got my vote in Woodstock and McHenry County.

  11. Joe Tirio will be an asset in any position in McHenry County. Go Joe!

  12. As a committee man I encourage voters to sign multiple petitions for the Republican party..

    this is the cornerstone of free elections.

    At the same time I point out that this is NOT an endorsement of the individual running.

    If people abuse this process we stand to corrupt the voting system and for that I am deeply concerned by what has taken place here.

    Clearly this was not honorable behavior.

  13. No worries McHenry County.

    Those of us who loth corrupt behavior, will chase the corrupt out, expose them, then kick them to the curb.

    No more mess’n with the people……those days are O-V-E-R!

    We are watching….Tina Hill, bad move!

    God Bless McHenry County!

    Thank you.

  14. There once was a virago named Tina;

    Constituents asked “Have ya seena?”

    She could lie like a rug,

    and yip like a pug,

    But nobody still called her ‘la Reina,!

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