Hultgren Favors Keeping Guantanamo Open

A press release from Congressman Randy Hultgren:

Hultgren: Keep Guantanamo Bay Open

Washington, DC — U.S. Representative Randy Hultgren (IL-14) today criticized plans by the President to move ahead with closing Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and relocating detainees to United States prisons.

Previously, Rep. Hultgren supported House passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 which prohibits such transfers.

“The President’s plan to close down the facility and move detainees to our shores is more political than practical,” said Rep. Hultgren.

“On a recent in-depth congressional fact-finding trip to the Guantanamo Bay prison, I saw first-hand how the facility is an important solution to housing the world’s most hardened terrorists.

“The conditions are humane but secure—the right combination for enemy combatants bent on harming our citizens.

“Until these terrorists are tried by our nation’s military tribunals, they should remain in Guantanamo Bay.”

On a bipartisan congressional fact-finding trip in September, Rep. Hultgren and his colleagues met with commanders at the facility, attended classified briefings regarding the nature and backgrounds of detainees and their treatment, toured the several camps and learned about overall operations.


Hultgren Favors Keeping Guantanamo Open — 6 Comments

  1. Well Randy, the fact is that whole naval base should be closed.

    The base is in a part of the world that doesn’t need our navy to protect it.

    The personnel there should be stationed on USA soil, and there are plenty of max prisons here that can handle more bodies.

    The politics of not giving these people trials already is also very troubling.

    You’re a Rep, where are your fiscally responsible actions to cut spending?

  2. They are going to need it open to house all the politicians that are going to be going there very soon.

  3. By housing these criminals on the US soil, we will be required to provide civil due process to them.

    On Guantanamo they are under prisoners of war rules and have more restrictive rights.

    Keep them in Gitmo.

  4. Cindy is right on!

    Hultgren may well find himself there, along w/ Obama, Lindsey “Closet Case” Graham, Durbin and countless others.

  5. Time to charge and try them Charles, it’s anti American to hold them without a trial this long already.

  6. First they are not Americans and are not eligible for United States normal justice.

    They are enemy combatants that mean our Citizens ill will and death such as in Paris.

    Relocation would invite attacks upon our men, women, and children.

    When a Kindergarten is collateral damage it is too late to say this might not have been such a good idea.

    Either keep it open or if you wish send them lock, stock, and barrel to Israel as I am sure they have the experience and the facilities to retain these prisoners.

    This is not a political issue when a wrong move has dire consequences maybe not by the prisoners themselves but by infiltrators that come onto US soil to the areas where they might be held.

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