McHenry Township’s Tax Protest

McHenry County Township Officials .

McHenry County Township Officials .

Tax protest attorney Tim Dwyer has not only sued Algonquin Township for having excessive money in the bank while still asking for and getting more, but he has also targeted McHenry Township.

Below are the facts that Dwyer hopes will convince a court that tax refunds should be ordered to be paid to those who are party to the suit:

The Township levied $1,876,425 for its 2014 levy.

The Road District Levy was for $3,532,868.

Although the Township and the Road District are separate entities, the Township audit incorporates both entities.

Together, the Township and the Road District issued levies of $5,409,294.

According to the Comprehensive Audit of the Township and the Road District, the total net position at the end of the fiscal year was $11,815,480.

Taking that number, in addition to the levy of $5,409,294, the Township and the Road District had $17,224,774 in funds available for fiscal year 2014-15.

The total expenditures for the three previous fiscal years is less than 5,000,000.

Accordingly, the Township and the Road District have over three times its annual revenues with cash on hand in conjunction with the 2014 levy.

According to the Supervisor’s Statement of Financial Affairs, the beginning balance for the Township was $3,262,733.71 as of April 1, 2014.

The annual expenditures were $1,611,352.40.

Thus, even without a levy, for Township had over two times the annual expenditures as a balance of cash on hand.

This remains a violation of Illinois law, as the levies issued by the Township and the Road District are excessive, invalid and illegal.

The request of the Court is for it to invalidate all of the levies and order a full rebate to plaintiffs in the suit.


McHenry Township’s Tax Protest — 8 Comments

  1. “total net position at the end of the fiscal year was $11,815,480.”

    What does that number, buildings, equipment and other assests have to do with paying the bills?

    What is the cash on hand or in bonds or in the bank getting interest?

    The net position must not consider the value of the roads and ROW in it’s figures.

    Seems like we have apples and oranges and extra nonsense not related to the actual operating capitol.

  2. The net position is cash on hand, savings and investments.

    Capital assets are not included.

  3. Tax protest suit cannot be class action, by statute.

    But every single citizen may file individually.

    You start by making your tax payment under protest.

  4. Tim, I asked my elected from Alg twh about cash on hand and they have no where close to what is written there.

    Investments, what Investments do the twhs have?

    I haven’t seen the numbers yet, but operating funds are about 8 months out with 8 months to go before new funds come in.

    Aren’t you pilling on the numbers verse what is actually on hand?

    Spending and what it is spent on is an issue verse the levy amount, but without knowing where the so called extra is banked or in stocks or bonds how can we be objective?

  5. If you want to see the numbers for any taxing district–including the townships– just FOIA the Annual Financial Report (sometimes called the Comprehensive Audit, depending on the taxing body).

    The Algonquin Township Annual Financial Report spells out the Township’s net position on pages 5 and 12.

    The total net position, not including capital assets, is $11,711,225 at the end of fiscal year 2014.

    Please also review the budgeted amount versus the actual expenditures on page 9.

    It would be impossible to be so far off in terms of what is levied, and the actual expenditures.

    In terms of investments, Look at pages 11 and 23.

    There is over one million in investments.

  6. The title of this post. “McHenry Township’s Tax Protest” and the picture of the McHenry Township float and trustees causes confusion because the detailed numbers in the accompanying text are for Algonquin Township, not McHenry Township.

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