McHenry County Secrets Back — 10 Comments

  1. David & David.

    Welcome to the boom (goon) Town!

    Please.. keep serving up the Shame…LOL!

  2. Ridiculous and irresponsible to add to the already over active rumor mill.

  3. Inish, did Ms’ Hill vote on the Valley High deal or not?

    Simple question!

    If I am wrong I will take it down.

    Irresponsible is not reporting the deed Inish, it’s the act reported upon in this case that was irresponsible.

    Thank you.

  4. What is really sad is that this next election will likely be decided by people who are not legally entitled to vote.

    If you are now ASKED if you are a Citizen (born in the U.S. or have one legal resident parent, YOU ARE A CITIZEN.


    No one knows how many people who are legally entitled to vote, will vote.

    The County Clerk can do nothing to stop this madness.

    Anyone will be able to REGISTER to vote AND VOTE on election day!

    Insofar as a valid government picture id, the price for an illegal one can be as low as $50.00.

  5. So I see, Inish, you don’t say that her irresponsibility is the focus. You’d rather bitch about someone having another informational blog.

    What’s the matter – too much reading for you?

    This is FACT.

    Tina Hill has not been there to vote on YOUR (and other citizens’) behalf for the last few very important votes.

    That’s alright with you???

  6. This is the same guy who authored the “Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry” blog…..

    Glad he is back so we can get some truth about what is going on around here.

    Thanks Bachmann!

  7. Be careful about using “Eye of the Tiger”.

    “Someone” already got sued for using it in his campaign.

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